Introducing Mass Communications Adjunct Professor Felicia Shearer

Byline: by Lesley Eichelberger

Posted: April 20, 2013

As the start of class time draws near, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Communications, Felicia Shearer eyes her watch. She feels well prepared and excited to begin her lecture, ready to make the most out of every second of class time. Her contagious enthusiasm rubs off on her students as they prepare to engage themselves knee deep in mass communication theory at 9:30am.

“I really love teaching,” said Shearer. “I see myself as energetic and passionate about getting students involved,” she continues.

Shearer's teaching experience

Aside from the enthusiasm that she brings to the classroom, another reason for Shearer’s success at motivating her students stems from her teaching experience. She has taught at Old Dominion University in Virginia, Shippensburg University, Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC), Hartford Community College in Connecticut, University of Rhode Island and the Community College of Baltimore County in Maryland.

This variety in institutions and student demographics allows Shearer to relate to a diverse population of students.

Although her relationship with her students thrives due to her teaching experience, she admits that her relationship with the institution could be more developed. As an adjunct instructor for Wilson since 2007, Shearer says that she has little involvement with campus activities.

“I sometimes do feel disconnected. I am inundated with work and physically do not have the time to attend campus events and serve on committees,” explains Shearer. “It would be nice to have a real presence here, to have that sense of belonging.”

In addition to her teaching commitments, Shearer is also dedicated to her family. She lives in Chambersburg, Pa. with her husband, their three sons and two dogs.
“Our priority is our family. We do movie nights and my boys play sports,” said Shearer. “My husband is awesome. It is a hectic life with our schedules and he is great at supporting me.”

Shearer would like to include Wilson College as part of her future plans. She wants to remain in Chambersburg to raise her children and hopes to continue teaching locally.

Last Updated: April 20, 2013

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