Fourth Annual Student Research Day

Byline: by Lauren Kershner

Posted: May 11, 2013

On Fri, May 3 members of the senior class presented research they began working on last semester. Each senior who was presenting worked with at least one faculty member. This faculty member advised the student throughout their work and helped them to present their research work to the Wilson community. Student Research Day provides this opportunity to those graduating seniors who may have an interest in pursuing graduate work.

Students show off their hard work

“Today is about the student, everyone here should be congratulated,” said Hendrickson. “This event is new and is the highlight of the year for me personally.”

The day consisted of nine sessions with a total of 18 seniors presenting their work. The sessions took place throughout the campus in the Science Complex Auditorium, the Allen Auditorium in Warfield Hall, and the second floor lobby of the Science ComplexCenter and in the Bogigian Gallery. Presentations ranged from the arts and English to the Life Sciences of Biology and Environmental Studies.

Chelsea Krebs ’13, a Biology major, presented on “Comparative Analysis of Viability Assays for Evaluation of Post-thaw Equine Spermatozoa”. In other words, she presented on how viable a stallion’s sperm is when frozen and then thawed.

“My research had some major bumps, but I ended with a strong project that had strong results,” said Krebs. “My presentation went well and I think everyone else is doing well. We all worked hard and it truly shows.”

Members of the junior class also showed their research during the poster session. These posters gave the students an opportunity to preview their own research for next year. They were able to get feedback and show people what they are passionate about.

“I wanted to find a topic that I could connect with,” said Jeaneva Gagne ’14. “I am really excited for this opportunity. I can choose what I want to study, which is unique to my Wilson experience.

Gagne was not the only person who feltels that Wilson is uniquen when it comes to the studies that students are able to accomplish. Assistant Prof. of Biology Laura Altfeld, who assisted with several of the senior research studies, also believes that Wilson students have some unique opportunities.

“I think the smaller size of our community allows for more innovative research. We are seeing more and more research,” said Altfeld. “I am happy we made it a tradition, setting aside a day just for research and highlighting students shows me that we are a supportive community.”

The Disert scholar, Casey Beidel

The presentations ended with the Disert Scholar, Casey Beidel ’13, reading one of his short stories titled “Feather”. Beidel was awarded the Disert Honors Scholarship last spring semester for his senior research proposal. His research “An Exploration of New-Wave Fabulism” explores short stories using elements from different genres. His advisor, Dr. Michael Cornelius Chair of English and Mass Communications Department, believes that undergraduates should pay close attention to the research being presented.

“It would be wonderful if this day inspires undergraduates to do more with their time here,” said Cornelius. “Today is about taking ownership of their own education, which is something that we – as a Wilson Faculty – try to instill in our students throughout their time here.”

The day culminated with the Academic Awards Ceremony. This ceremony gave the opportunity for more students are to be recognized for their achievements, both during the current year and during their time at Wilson. While Student Research Day is a relatively new tradition, all members of the Wilson community are hopeful that it will continue so that more students can show their scholarly research.

Last Updated: May 11, 2013

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