Confidence Campaign Inches Closer to Objective

Byline: Sarah Martin

Posted: May 19, 2010

Leading with Confidence Video

Two women exit a building, piano music plays in the background as a yellowing photo of past Wilson graduates gather in front of Warfield Hall for a graduation ceremony. As a current picture shows, President Lorna Duphiney Edmundson begins speaking. The scenes alternate between past and current students. Students, professors, alumnae, trustees and campaign members add their voices and speak heartfelt opinions about Wilson. This eight minute and twenty-six second video provides a brief overview of the Leading with Confidence Campaign.

Objectives of the Campaign

This newest campaign aims to fund the Science Center, to provide opportunities for students to become globally knowledgeable, to support students financially that may have difficulties attending Wilson and to provide the best possible technology and retain qualified faculty and staff.

To begin a campaign college representatives send out a survey of needs, assessments and feasibility studies. The question included: what on campus requires attention, what should our goals and objectives be, do we have enough outside support, and what should we name the campaign and what should our logo be? Votes and surveys went to administrators, donors, community leaders, faculty/staff, alumnae and students.

New Logo

Carnegie Communications designed the logo for the campaign and from that logo designed the logo for the college. During an interview Pamela V. Lambert, Director of Development, explained that the new logo for the campus is part of the branding initiative. This brand helps people “pull a visual to mind” when thinking about the college. She used examples such as Kellogg’s Cereal, most people see the red K and think of cereal. Lambert says this “visual is a way to promote the college.”

What the Campaign Raised so Far

By May 11, the campaign raised $41.5 million. A few donors include the Lenfests, the Appenzellars, Charles “C.Q.” Smith, the Henry Luce Foundation, the Wal-Mart Foundation and the Stabler Foundation. The main goal is to reach $45 million by the end of the campaign in December 2011.

Smaller Parts to the Whole

Smaller objectives break this amount down to parts. The first initiative is the Brooks Complex for Science, Mathematics, and Technology. 53% of students at Wilson major in a science. The campaign hoped to offset the cost of the building by trying to raise $25 million. The campaign has raised $28 million in this objective. The additional amount of money raised went to the purchase of various teaching materials. The Wal-Mart Foundation’s grant bought science equipment for aquatic life.

The second objective asked for $10 million for the Global Citizenship Initiative. This seeks to provide scholarships for travel abroad and fund cultural exchanges with students around the globe. Currently, students from 15 countries attend Wilson. This objective has received $300,000. In October 2009 the Henry Luce Foundation, based in New York City, provided a $25,000 grant to support this objective, especially in areas concerning Asia.

The next objective is the Wilson Fund, which hoped to raise $5 million. So far, it has received $3.5 million. The Wilson Fund is used as a day-to-day fund, as Lambert explains, it “helps bridge the gap” making sure equipment stays running. In emergencies in which a department is over its budget, such as in the snow removal this past year, the department could receive money from the Wilson Fund to help them. This keeps the tuition low, brings scholars and poets to campus and ultimately helps the entire camps community in many ways.

The last objective is Endowed Support for Faculty, Staff and Technology which hoped to raise $5 million. However, this objective has received no money. As the campaign website states, “This initiative will guarantee funding to upgrade technology on the campus and will ensure that we can continue to attract and retain the best faculty and staff to Wilson.” In addition, the campaign collected $3 million in restrictive gifts. These restrictive gifts go towards specific buildings, such as the library, specific departments, such as athletics and specific programs.

After this campaign is over campus administration will reevaluate the outcome and the objectives. Soon after a new campaign will launch, one in which Zufelt feels a few topics could include a new athletic building and a new or improved physical plant.

Last Updated: September 20, 2011

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