Building mutual respect becomes key to success for Phoenix softball

Byline: Alaina Hofer

Posted: May 3, 2010

“Dream it, believe it, achieve it” was the slogan at the beginning of the Phoenix softball season with a long term goal of heading to the final four championships for the NEAC. The softball has dreamed it, believed it, and now have achieved it. On Friday, April 30, the Wilson softball team will be playing Keuka College for a top seat in the conference. The team, however, would not be heading to Keuka, New York without the recognition of their accomplishments over the season.

The challenges of becoming a team

The season started with a brand new team with only three returners. The biggest challenge that the softball faced was whether or not they could come together in a short period of time before the first game. With junior leaders and a strong athletic coaching staff, the team came together just as softball players in the beginning. The coach Brett Cline says, “This is Wilson Softball best season and team. Everyone works hard to be team center. The players have each others back. With 10 new players this season, everyone came together fast!” Yet as the season comes to an end, many of the softball players on the team can say they have created strong bonds with each other and do not want the season to end.

The "true" adversaries

There were two other adversaries that the team has overcome in order to play in the out of state championships: weather and injuries were critical during the season. Several critical players on the team were injured playing games during mid-season. Hurt knees and jammed ankles as well as some pulled muscles definitely have had an affect on how the team has come together to support each other. Yet the team would also face the brutal power of Mother Nature. The weather during the past two months has been troublesome to the team. Wicked winds, frigid cold games with hail and torrential downpours have only been an obstacle in their journey to championships. “With the weather and injuries, we overcome challenges many times! The team is focus on each other!” Coach Cline reiterates.

"kick butt and to have fun doing it"

Last Updated: September 20, 2011

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