Multiple Thefts on Campus Disregard Wilson’s Honor Principle

Byline: Seolhee Baek

Posted: April 4, 2011

Two banners disappeared from the Wilson College Women's Studies Lounge. The banners were missing before Thurs, Feb. 10. Even though the Women's Studies Lounge banner was returned, the Children's Corner banner is still missing. Moreover, a few weeks ago, 200 lollipops were stolen from the Academic Support Center (ASC).

Wilson Staff and Faculty Comment

Paula C. Kellinger, Assoc. Professor of Dance, says, "It is upsetting that the members of a community have worked to make the space welcoming for everyone, made investments of time and financial resources, and others have chosen to take something away."

Vickie Locke, Director of ASC, asserts that the missing lollipops belonged to the student community, so they should be for all students who use the ASC, not one specific person. Locke is certain the people who took the lollipops are students of Wilson. A student who was using a computer witnessed the theft. After they stole the lollipops, only an empty jar remained on the table. Locke says, "The Academic Support Center operates under the Honor Principle, and the door of ASC opens all day for students' use, unlike other offices. Nevertheless, this has never happened before. It hurts me."

Despite the fact that students took the lollipops, it is hard to conclude that a student of Wilson College also stole the banners. However, it happened at Wilson College, and clearly disappointed the Wilson community.

WCGA's Response

Leslie Hoover ‘13, Secretary of WCGA, expressed her disappointment about the missing banners. Hoover says, "Very often I feel students take for granted the very relaxed and open atmosphere of Wilson College because they often go about their daily business without giving much thought to it. These occurrences do show there are individuals who still test the college's boundaries."

Both Kellinger and Hoover say this incident financially damaged the school and broke the Honor Principle. Despite the happenings, Kellinger mentions that she is happy that the banner for the Women's Studies Lounge was returned, and hopes the other signs would be as well.

Last Updated: September 21, 2011

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