Corbett Takes Oath as Pennsylvania Republicans Ride to Victory

Byline: Carol Zehosky

Posted: October 19, 2010

On Jan. 18, 2011, Tom Corbett will take the oath of office as Pennsylvania's 46th governor. His running mate, Jim Cawley former Buck's County Commissioner, will be sworn in as Lt. Governor. Republican Corbett was Pennsylvania's state attorney general prior to his victory in the governor's race over Democrat candidate Dan Onorato.

Corbett ran on a platform of economic reform and the promise to put the state on the road to economic prosperity. During his campaign, he promised to push for legislation to reduce the state's several billion-dollar budget gaps through the elimination of WAMs (Walking Around Money) that state legislators give to special projects in their districts. He also hopes to do away with legislative per diems (daily expense money), while seeking legislation to privatize the state's liquor store system, hold the line on new taxes, including business taxes, in hopes of giving the state a business friendly image and creating jobs for Pennsylvanians.

Pat Toomey, former Republican representative from the 15th congressional district, defeated Democrat Joe Sestak for the office of Senator. Toomey, labeled by many as a conservative, played on the dissatisfaction of many voters including Independents, with the perceived failed economic policies of the Democrats. As a Senator, Toomey intends to support plans that will bring jobs to Pennsylvania and foster a climate that will encourage employers to create new jobs. He campaigned on the promise of lower taxes for Americans and on his congressional record of not voting for tax increases.

Bill Shuster, Republican from Fulton County, won his 6th term as representative. Shuster believes that developing the Marcellus Shale fields and providing tax incentives for the developers will create jobs in the state.

Rob Kauffman, Republican, whose district is Franklin and parts of Cumberland Counties retained his seat as representative. Kauffman like the other Republican winners of Nov. 2 campaigned on a platform of financial growth through creating jobs and government financial responsibility.

Last Updated: September 21, 2011

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