Clark-Sestak Calls Wilson to Vote

Byline: Xiaomeng Li

Posted: October 19, 2010

Six months after her husband spoke at Wilson, Susan Clark-Sestak, wife of Congressman Joe Sestak's, also came to campus and canvassed for her husband in the upcoming mid-term election. Democrat Joe Sestak, a congressman representing Pennsylvania's Seventh Congressional District, currently runs against Republican Pat Toomey for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

Sponsoring Clark-Sestak

As a supporter for Sestak for Senate, Mayor of Chambersburg Pete Lagiovane arranged the event in the Harry R. Brooks Complex for Science, Mathematics and Technology on the Wilson campus.

Clark-Sestak remarked on various topics regarding Sestak's political agenda including health care, economy and higher education. "One of the reasons you [can] trust Joe is because he isn't a politician," said Clark-Sestak, "truly he believes in this job as being a public servant."

The "Pay-Back" Tour

Clark-Sestak explained that the whole reason that her husband is running for a political office is because of "what he called, a ‘pay-back' tour." She told the audience the story of their daughter Alexandra's brain tumor and that Sestak's medical care provided by the navy enabled them to cure their daughter's disease. Having benefited from this medical care, Sestak wanted to make sure that everyone in the United States could get the same healthcare that he did.

Stumping for the Cause

Clark-Sestak used to think that her "No.1 job was being Alex's mom" and "Joe's career was really Joe's career." However, over the last few months, she decided to spread her husband's words about what he stands for. She also wanted to clear the negative ads that hinder Sestak's campaign.

Sestak as Political Candidate

"My argument is that, for a very conservative Republican, congressman Toomey is the best choice for that voter. But frankly, Joe is the best choice for every other person," said Clark-Sestak.

The Importance of Education in U.S. Policy

Clark-Sestak readdressed Sestak's idea to increase the education budget and let higher education become affordable for everyone: "no matter you are a student or a retiree, the point is, our future depends on having a well educated workforce. And in order to have that, we've got to ensure that students and elder people are able to afford to go to college and have that opportunity."

"Some people asked me why I often go to colleges and talk to college students recently. And my answer is, it doesn't matter whom I talk to, what matters is that every vote really does count." Clark-Sestak urged everyone to vote on Nov. 2 mid-term election because voting is a means to "make sure that everyone can better themselves."

Clark-Sestak ended her speech with another story of her family. When their daughter Alex was in hospital in D.C., one day someone threw away her favorite blanket by accident. They looked for it all over the hospital and realized that the blanket was on its way to Baltimore, Md. Sestak drove all the way to the landfill and finally found the blanket. Alex only said a word "thanks" when she got it because "Daddy [had] promised her," said Clark-Sestak. "I really think ‘perseverance' and ‘persistence' should be his middle name," said Clark-Sestak, "he promised his daughter and he will also keep his promise to the people."

Last Updated: September 21, 2011

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