Club Account Thumb Drives Returned at Last

Byline: Sarah Martin

Posted: April 10, 2010

Each club has also been informed that it must reckon its accounts and provide documentation by May 14. Clubs not following this requirement will be fined $50.00.

The delay in returning the drives

Clubs had originally handed their accounts and budgeting thumb drives into Casara Gross '10, WCGA Treasurer, at the end of fall semester and believed they would receive them at the beginning of this past spring semester.

Each club received this thumb drive from WCGA to help organize and standardize their accounts, last semester. These thumb drives hold basic financial information, such as account numbers, withdraws, deposit and transaction forms.

Treasurer of the Western Riding Team, Kristen M. Leitzell '12, says the thumb drives, "have provided both Treasurer and Presidents/Captains an easier way to keep records. It's nice to have all the forms in one place and easily accessible."

Many students expressed concern about their thumb drives not being returned to them soon enough to complete the requirements. One such student is the Co-Captain of the Western Riding Team Cathy Smedley '12. She says, "I think that they will make things easier for the clubs and organizations on campus. That is if the clubs and organization had the thumb drives."

Rebecca Hammell, Asst. Dean of Students, explains that the Business Office and Information Technology (IT) had been in the process of re-formatting the thumb drives. This included creating, "new account number[s] and revised account information," as well as new transaction forms, says Hammell. The new format is a chart-like account system for both deposits and withdraws, and Hammell says, "[it] is similar to the system used throughout [the rest of] the college."

Understanding the new system

This new chart-like account system is one in which each type of expenditure has its own category. These categories are called "budget lines," which have specific meaning for auditing corporation Parente Beard, LLC.

According to Hammell, appropriate charges will coincide with their appropriate budget line. For example, copying charges will be placed in the copying budget line.

Hammell comments, the difference in club accounts is that, "certain activities are unique to WCGA." The apportionment budget line is one such example. Apportionments are a monetary amount taken from the student activity fees and divided among the various clubs who need monetary assistance.

Hammell mentions, clubs "are encouraged to keep a paper back up of all transactions." Hammell also adds that,"[the] transactions can be recorded on the thumb drives when they are returned."

Students worry about hassles

However, Smedley expresses her concern that, "[since] they have not been returned clubs have not even had a good chance to work with them." Many other students, who wished to remain anonymous, said that not having the thumb drives created hassles.

Hammell was hopeful that students and club advisors could have "patience and understanding" during this transitional year. Lori Tosten, Assoc. Vice President for Finance and Administration, adds "we are near the end of the transition process for the accounts." Earlier in March, Gross, Hammell and Tosten, met to discuss a training day which would answer any questions clubs may have.

Reckoning accounts

In an April 29 email, Gross defined the rules for accounts reconciliation. According to her email, "the time period for the reconciliation is from July 1, 2009 through May 7, 2010." Gross suggested clubs "start with your balance on July 1 and end with your balance on May 7 or the date of your last transaction." Gross further emphasized that the reconciliation must "be signed by the club officers," before it could be considered. Any questions can be directed to:

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