Gettysburg Biology Professor Delesalle Discusses Flower Sex Allocation

Byline: Xiaomeng Li

Posted: April 4, 2011

On Tues, Feb. 22, Prof. Véronique Delesalle came to Wilson and gave a lecture in the Smith Auditorium.

Delesalle is the Chairperson of Biology at Gettysburg College. Her academic focus includes evolutionary ecology, plant mating systems and sex allocation. Her lecture at Wilson was entitled "Sex and the Single Flower: Sex Allocation Patterns in the Genus Clarkia (Ongraceae)."

Plants are "kinky"

Delesalle started her lecture by saying that, "Plants are ‘kinky.'" She told the audience that her initial interest was in the reproductive system of birds, but later found plants were "easier to keep." Her lecture focused on the gender specialization of flowers and discussed the evolution of "selfing." "Selfing" means that polygamous plants mate with themselves. She also showed photos of her field research in California.

Delesalle Inaugurates Wilson's Science in Society Seminar Series

Delesalle is the first speaker of this semester's Science in Society Seminar Series. Amy Ensley, Director of the Hankey Center, says, "Prof. Delesalle was recommended by several staff members at Wilson who knew her research. One of the recommenders was Amy Lucadamo, the Hankey Center archivist. She was an undergraduate at Gettysburg College and Prof. Delesalle was one of her favorite professors." Ensley also mentions that Delesalle's field "is closely related to Prof. Altfeld's."

Laura Altfeld, Assist. Prof. of Biology, brought her entire Contemporary Biology class to Delesalle's lecture. "I thought the lecture was very interesting and included a wonderful combination of explanations on genetic, reproductive and evolutionary mechanisms," says Altfeld. She also likes the entertaining style of Delesalle's lecture.

Both faculty and students enjoyed Delesalle's lecture. Amina Saidou Assane ‘11, who is in Altfeld's class, says, "Prof. Delesalle's presentation was great in that it highly contributes in my understanding of the biology course I am taking. It was amazing to see how the flowers' lives are constructed and their mating system."

The next Science in Society Seminar will feature Prof. Judith Bond, Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Penn State College of Medicine, according to Ensley. Bond will give a public presentation on Mon, Apr. 4, in the Smith Auditorium.

Last Updated: September 25, 2011

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