Sound Off! Wilson: How Do You Feel About the New Parking Policy?

Byline: Candice Grant

Posted: October 5, 2010

Nicole Musser '13: "I think we should make a new parking lot. There aren't enough spots for commuters either. I think there are too many faculty spots. And having to move in the morning, before 7:00am, is ridiculous."

Jessica Tucker '11: "There aren't enough spots for all the students who have cars to park. Even though we can park in the commuter lot overnight, moving cars by 7:00am is ridiculous, especially since there still aren't any spots. Letting people park in the unrestricted spots twenty-four-seven would help some."

Laura B. Hans '13: "In the commuter lot, the spaces are so close together. I practically hit the other cars when I try to get out of mine."

Brooke Ketron '12: "It's ridiculous! It's unfair to have to go behind Disert to park. I think we should widen the road, and consider putting in a new parking lot. The whole layout should just be redone."

Last Updated: January 16, 2012

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