Harvest 'til Hibernation: Fulton Farm Prepares for Winter

Byline: Alyse Lynch

Posted: October 19, 2010

As the rest of Wilson College campus returns for a new school year, the Fulton Farm begins to think about spring 2011.

Do Farms Have Schedules?

The farm runs on a schedule that last for 28-30 weeks. As of Oct. 13 they were on week 24. Currently the farm is winding down from their growing season and preparing for winter. Their busiest time of the year is the summer. The farm works hardest while the rest of the campus is on vacation.

Getting a Piece of the Action

Between the months of May and October the farm participates in the North Square Farmer's Market. The market is open 8:00am to 12:00pm on Saturdays. Farm employees, interns and volunteers take turns working shifts at the market which is held in Downtown Chambersburg.

The Fulton Farm is part of the Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA). This program allows customers to pay for future produce up front, and then pick up fresh produce weekly. The Fulton Farm is a vegetable only CSA.

CSA Outreach

The Fulton Farm also offers a green movie series and potluck dinners. Adjunct Professor Christine Mayer sends out regular emails to inform Wilson College Campus of upcoming movies and activities sponsored by the farm. For more information she may be contacted at

The Fulton Farm also offers internships. One on internship lasts the full season and is recommended for recent graduates. The other internship lasts only part of the season and is best for current students. Farmer Eric Benner describes the internships as, "more like an apprenticeship, you learn by working." Those interested in interning at the farm should contact Benner at

Last Updated: September 25, 2011

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