Gallardo Brings New Awareness of Spain to Campus

Byline: April Davila

Posted: October 25, 2010

Wilson College's new Spanish teacher assistant is Griselda Yasmin Gonzalez Gallardo or Gris for short. Wilson College chose Gris, through her country's foreign language program, the International Education Foreign Language.

She waited for a month after finishing her bachelor's degree at Facultad de Lenguas Extranjeras en la Universidad de Colima (School of Foreign Languages in Universidad de Colima), before she received the conformation email verifying her acceptance at Wilson College. The college encouraged her to visit the website to get a feel for the environment.

Years of experience

Gallardo had teaching and tutoring experience for two years prior to her transfer here from Colima, Mexico, where she was also was encouraged to learn and instruct French to her students. With this, Gallardo finds that students here "are in a way just like children." Most students have not been taught any language other than the one they are currently speaking. She says "they need that kind of direction to study, in a more comfortable way they would like."

For this reason, having worked with children has improved and helped Wilson students learn, "not just grammar," but really intertwine themselves in the "culture, and knowledge that language has." Gallardo says that she "want[s] to leave [her] trace here at Wilson College so that students have the capacity to prosper on their own."

Be proud

Gallardo says wants all of her students to be "proud of where they are from and not to fully believe all that they see on TV as the truth about certain cultures and states." She refers to the negative publicity that Mexico garnered in the past few years.

She continues to adapt

Gallardo has adapted to the environment and hopes to continue to open doors to those who have "this certain image of how Mexicans are depicted." She hopes to hang out with her friends and eat "some real Mexican tacos!" once she arrives home.

Last Updated: September 25, 2011

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