Muhibbah Club Holds Annual International Dessert Sampler to Promote Peace and Celebrate Cultures

Byline: Seolhee Baek

Posted: November 21, 2010

The Muhibbah Club held an international dessert sampler entitled "Every Piece Fits" on Sat, Nov. 6 in the Jensen Dining Hall. The members of Muhibbah Club offered four craft tables, two performances and several poetry readings as well as a variety of desserts from different countries.

About 100 guests participated in the sampler and enjoyed the night of diverse cultures and food from China, France, Ghana, Ireland, Korea, Mexico and Nepal. Lauriane Massin, the co-president of Muhibbah Club, talked about her first Muhibbah Sampler:

What is the purpose of the sampler night?

Massin: The main purpose of this sampler was to promote peace through the display of international craft tables, performances and desserts.

How long did you prepare for the event?

Massin: We started to think about this event about 1 month ago, but during the last two weeks, everything has been quickened: we used to practice every day for the Irish dance and the Korean traditional song. And also, (for selling tickets) we set up a special table in front of the dining hall to sell tickets so that people could stop, ask for information, and buy tickets. We also went through the offices and sent an e-mail to the whole community.

Where will you spend the money earned from selling tickets?

Massin: The money we got from this sampler is going to be used for the club (trips, meetings, events) and we also plan to donate some of it.

The Irish dance and Korean dance were very good. Is there any intention or purpose for selecting the performances? If there is, what is that?

Massin: While we were thinking about eventual performances, Sarah came up with this idea about the Irish dance: it was something new, which had never been done before. Everybody was excited and thanks to her enthusiasm, the members really enjoyed it. The Korean dance is a quite different process since every year, people who usually attend this event come to see the Korean dance. It's a long-rooted tradition in Muhibbah.

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