Chambersburg Cold Weather Drop-In Center Opens Opportunity for Togetherness

Byline: April C. Davila

Posted: March 3, 2011

Chaplain Rosie Magee and four students from Wilson College completed a few hours of community service on Feb. 7 in Chambersburg by volunteering at the Chambersburg Cold Weather Drop-In Center.

The work done by these volunteers consisted of making sure guests had a comfortable stay in their separate rooms, and encouraging them to eat a warm plate of food.

Center's Growth is Eagerly Awaited

Craig Newcomer, Shelter Manager of the Cold Weather Drop-In Center, warmed volunteers with his vision for the center that he hopes will grow in the following year.

"I am just waiting for the things to fall into place now," he says. His search for renovating a new building was a call to help "those people in need," says Newcomer.

He is halfway to that goal, thanks to several large anonymous donations. Most of the donations were unprecedented in size, says Newcomer.

The current Center provides a warm, safe, and clean environment for those seeking refuge during the bitter months of winter. It is located on 195 Loudon Street and is open seven days a week, from 7:00am to 7:00pm and from November through April.

Donations are Always Welcome

Newcomer also encourages donations seven days a week. Donors can drop off food and healthcare products during the morning hours.

Although the Center is a refuge for those who were in desperate need during this past unusually cold winter, Newcomer hopes the shelter will continue provide support in the future. His vision consists of adding medical staff and more volunteers to help guests.

"I plan to create jobs for those here," he says. Newcomer plans to name the new center Candle Heart, after his strong spirituality. During the interview, a few men, one teenager and a woman came into the shelter, chose a duty and immediately got to work. These guests often come here for a warm place to sleep, to eat good food and to socialize with other people.

Helping Others as a Community

One guest chose the Chambersburg center as his community of choice, and he plans to stay until the shelter closes in April.

Chaplain Magee shares her experience at the shelter. "We all want that feeling of community," she says.

Her words resonated with one member of the Center as he sent the Wilson College volunteers home, saying, "Hope your experience this evening will never be forgotten! I want you to know that I really enjoyed your visit tonight and I'm going to miss all of you!"

Last Updated: September 25, 2011

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