Communications Department Launches Fresh and Engaging Website

Byline: by Laura B. Hans

Posted: January 15, 2012

On Fri, Aug. 5, the Communications Department proudly launched the new and improved Wilson College website. The website increases the college’s ability to inform its audience, engage current and potential students and connect users.

New website is "robust"

Director of Communications, Debra Collins, Vice President for Advancement, Jeff Zufelt, Digital Media Specialist and James Butts worked together on this project. Butts says, “I am really proud of the way the website turned out. We really pushed and challenged the developers to give us a product far superior than anything they have done in the past. Because of this, Wilson’s website is really robust and can be loaded with tons of add-on features in the future.”

Website: "traditional yet modern," "clean and easy to use"

The website represents the Wilson College brand and reflects the key messages of the college. Collins says, “Wilson worked with Snavely Associates, a communications firm, to help design the new website. Snavely met with members of the Wilson community – students, faculty and staff – and took highlights from those discussions to help form the design. Those discussions pointed out what the new website should showcase ‘Wilson Stories’ that relate to students, be ‘traditional’ yet ‘modern’, be clean and easy to use, and show a ‘sense of campus’ and ‘warmth of experience.”

Keeping public in-tune with Wilson

The website includes functions that allow faculty and staff to share the most up-to-date information, which will keep the public in tune with all that Wilson College has to offer. The calendar provides information concerning academic, athletic, social, news and event information on campus. Collins says, “Individuals can be trained to add information to the website through James Butts. He is working with several individuals who are responsible for specific pages within their departments.” If you are a faculty member or club advisor, contact Butts for information on including your events on the calendar. The flat screen televisions in the Harry R. Brooks Complex for Science Mathematics and Technology display the daily calendar.

Collins says, “The homepage has several special design features, including: rotating banner panels at the top, which reflect Wilson’s tagline, “With Confidence” and that lead the user through the website with easy navigation, Wilson’s logo [is] in the left-hand corner, affinity groups are listed at the top, a bread crumb trail… allows the user to know where they are at all times. [Additionally,] large blue buttons help potential students find and gather information, spotlight news and events making the home page more flexible for current happenings than our former website.” A language translator is also available on the page. The bottom of the homepage includes frequently accessed links like email, Moodle and Jenzabar. The website was also designed for mobile browsing and is easily viewed on a smartphone.

Publications like the Billboard are now available from the site. If you are interested in getting the experience of working on a website, email The Alumnae Quarterly will soon be available as well.

In an all-campus email, Vice President for College Advancement, Jeffery Zufelt, says, “This is a work in progress – and adjustments will be made to the site continually as we go forward. We expect you will find copy you would like to change, and have further suggestions.” after it has been in use for a while. We welcome you feedback.”

Last Updated: March 5, 2012

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