Soccer Team Says Farewell to Three Senior Players

Byline: by Hannah DeMoss and Megan Longstreet

Posted: January 16, 2012

This year the Wilson College Soccer team must part with three players. Their colleagues bid them a fond farewell.

Player profiles

Colleen "Pink Lightning" O’ Reilly ‘12, a four-year starter, served not only as an offensive force but also as team captain this year.

Her ability to battle through her injuries and her drive to excel on the field served as an inspiration. The flash of pink before every shot will be remembered by all of her opponents. Her excellent practice attire -especially her monkey, cow and four leaf clover shorts - were the heart of many jokes, conversations, and good times. The absence of her tireless antics will leave practices a little quieter in the seasons to come but memories with her will always last.

Laura "Angry Eyes" Beck ‘12 joined the Wilson College Soccer Team her sophomore year. Having never played soccer before, she came in a little apprehensive and not sure what to except.

Over the last three years Beck has excelled in the sport of soccer beyond anyone’s expectations. She is a crucial factor in the defensive game, and has been known to shove around an opponent or two. The team will never forget the fear in the eyes of her opponents after watching her rocket the ball down the field using her massive "guns."

Beck, although tough and intense on the field, has a soft side. With her extensive collection of ducks and husband Frank "the goal post," she is sure to settle into the domestic life rather easily. She will be missed by all who have played with her, especially the flat back four, and will always remain part of the soccer family.

Alyssa "Four Gears" Bernard also joined in her sophomore year. Although rather hesitant and unsure of her abilities, she was easily convinced to return for a second and third season here on Wilson’s soccer team.

In her junior year she was quoted saying, "I enjoy the team part, but I’m not sure about the soccer." By the end of her senior season, Bernard was a "beast" on the field and was told she looked like a "real" soccer player. At her last game, with glistening eyes and tears rolling down her cheeks, she proclaimed that she did love soccer!

She is not the only Bernard the team is losing; as she will be taking her "husband," Timmie the soccer ball, with her as well.

Her storytelling abilities can never be matched, and she will leave the team without some of the simple joys in life, such as how awesome her "creeper skills" were . One of the team’s fondest memories will be early mornings with her playing her bubbly ring tone that never failed to wish the team a "good morning."

Bernard also served as an offensive threat, with an uncanny ability to move the ball up the field no matter how many opponents tried to stop her. Her bubbly attitude and her drive to succeed and to be the best athlete possible will be sorely missed by her team and coaches.

Last Updated: March 5, 2012

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