Gymnasts Flip and Twist at Home Meet

Byline: by April C. Davila

Posted: March 3, 2012

The gymnastics team had their first and only home meet of the season on Sun, Feb. 5. The Phoenix competed against the Ithaca College Bombers and held second place with a combined score of 145.60. The event took place in the Gannett Field House, where 50 plus guests sat on the bleachers cheering the Wilson Phoenix team.

Captain Alexandre Howard ‘13 and senior Whitney Hawkins ‘12 were presented with gifts at the end of the meet by their teammates in honor of it being their senior meet.

"The meet was good. It was fun," said freshman gymnast, Jenny Miller ‘15.

The "small but mighty" team attitude
"I will really miss the effort that the team put into our ‘small but mighty’ team attitude," said Hawkins.

Hawkins gives credit to all her fans for the surmountable support.  

"It was really nice how everyone got dressed up that day," she says. Spectators were decked out in zebra stripes and matching blue ensembles.

The nuts and bolts of gymnastics

The first event of the meet was vault, an event that consists of a gymnast running down an 80 ft. runway and flipping their body on to, then off of, the vault, where they manage to land flat on their feet. The difficulty of the flip determines the score a gymnast receives.

From the sidelines, most of the crowd could hear Howard scream encouragements to her fellow gymnasts. "Come on Mandy, you got this. You have the confidence!" she shouted as co-captain Amanda Grahn ‘13 stood ready to vault.

Grahn’s scores consisted of no lower than a 9.3, and she placed third in the overall performance.

Howard did an outstanding job on the uneven bars. She flipped between the bars twice without falling, and finished with a solid landing. The crowd went wild. Howard’s scores were among the highest, averaging out to no lower than a 9.1, and she placed second in the overall performance.

"I always enjoy seeing my friends compete. They have such fun when they really play for the fun of gymnastics," said Hawkins.

Head Gymnastics Coach Kirsten Mull says, "I think the girls did a very good job and I am very proud of them."

Last Updated: March 3, 2012

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