Smoke-Free Campus Aims to Support Environmental Sustainability

Byline: by April C. Davila

Posted: March 3, 2012

What began as an unfinished project under former President Lorna Edmundson, could become reality in the coming weeks. The college is aiming for a smoke-free campus.

"Having a smoke-free campus will make us healthier. It definitely incorporates our sustainability program," says Vice President for Student Development, Carolyn Perkins.

Smoking cessation and sustainability

"The fact that we’re into safe sustainability programs means that we should practice safe environmental cautions. The college asked students, faculty, and staff to fill out a questionnaire during the 2012 J-term semester concerning campus smoking. The results will determine the Wellness Committee’s proposal for the next steps. Perkins says, "We’re taking the proposal to Cabinet on Wednesday. We should know more in the coming weeks." Once these results surface, another meeting is held in determining the next steps.

The coordinator conducting the surveys, Asst. Dean for Institutional Research, Elizabeth Anderson, accumulated the data.

Students on smoking

Sarah Thor ‘12, a 3-a-day cigarette smoker, says, "Our rights are being taken away. An enforcement of a cleaner campus puts everyone on edge. It takes five minutes for a smoke break to relieve my stress. Insurance on campus may go down, but I feel like this will inhibit us from our rights. I follow all the smoking rules. I move furthest away when possible. It is ludicrous to think everyone will do so."

"Smoking is hazardous to our health. I’ve walked through the Lenfest area and was engulfed in smoke," says Yolanda Cabrera ‘13 .

"I am an ex-smoker. There are times when someone comes into the library and it is very potent. I quit for a reason," says Kim Slaughter ‘13.

"We’re not telling everyone to quit smoking. We are seeking a solution to reduce the objections of those that do not smoke. In the meantime there are a number of ways to lower stress. There is taking a walk with your friends, or the weekly Wellness group meetings people can attend." says Nurse Ellen Stonesifer.

Last Updated: March 3, 2012

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