Muhibbah Sampler and Dinner at Risk, Must Plan for Future

Byline: by April C. Davila

Posted: March 23, 2012

Every year the Muhibbah club has a sampler of international desserts and a dinner with international fare, along with entertainment, but this may change next year. The Muhibbah club is at risk for not being able to pay for the cost of the dessert sampler and dinner for 2012-2013 year.

Muhibbah club President, Jyotsna Dhakal says, “Our club is considering having [just] one of the meals every year.” Adding, “The club appealed its fall 2011 apportionment and hopes to receive one for the spring that would cover Saturday’s dinner.” The club is primarily made up of international students.

Muhibbah welcomes donations

This year, with the help of Wilson College Government Association (WCGA), the payment for dinner compensated the labor cost, but Muhibbah “still had the food costs to pay for,” says the advisor for International students, Paul Miller. The public is welcome to donate to support Muhibbah until the end of March.

According to WCGA treasurer Monica Lyons ’12, any club is welcome to receive apportionments. However, Muhibbah’s apportionment was cut on behalf of the club’s current budget. WCGA gave them the chance to fix their application, which is one reason the appeal process for apportionments is in place, she says.

WCGA not responsible for full club support

WCGA supports Muhibbah through apportionments, but WCGA is not responsible for funding clubs entirely. Every WCGA Treasurer meeting covers this guideline, Lyons explains. Lyon adds, “I understand that it costs Muhibbah quite a bit of money for their dinners. However, as a club they need to find a way to also support itself and not be fully dependent upon WCGA.”

This year, the number of guests averaged 243, with 15 walk-ins. That number increased over the last thirty years, thus increasing the cost for food.

The dining hall required every student to sign up prior to Saturday’s event, but during last year’s annual dinner many resident students refused to attend because of the cost. Mallory Sunderland ’14 said, “A lot of people were angry about having to pay dinner, including myself. It was not fair to have to pay for an already paid meal plan and then have to pay an extra $3.00 out of pocket, for a dinner that was supposed to be for free.”

Last year, as many as half of the student body did not attend the event. This year, more Chambersburg community members attended than students. Miller says, “More people came to this event on a donation basis than ever in the last year due to the state of the economy.”

Emily Stanton ’15 says, “The performances were awesome. I plan on donating something. Although I do like coming in for free, just as any college student does, I definitely plan on donating.”

“We want everyone to come and learn. There are two dozen people in Muhibbah, including 5 from the USA and 10 flags from other countries. I always appreciate the members of this club. They are independent and hard working,” says Miller.

“I think if it were free next year, it would attract more people,” Courtney Lieb ’14 said.

“We will consider a donation basis for next year’s dinner, but it’s ultimately a club decision to do so,” Miller says.

The club agreed on $250.00 donation for Maiti DeNepal. Maiti DeNepal is a non-profit organization in Nepal that works to stop girl and women sex trafficking and their struggles with domestic abuse.

Last Updated: February 23, 2013

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