PUSH: Upcoming Elections for Positions in Next Year’s Student Government

Byline: by Amanda Clever

Posted: April 14, 2013

It’s that time of year for Wilson College Government Association Executive Board Elections! In this segment of PUSH, there are brief descriptions of the Executive Board positions and the timeline for application deadlines and elections.

All of the elected positions require a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above at the time of election. Applications are due Fri, March 29 at 5:00pm to the WCGA email. Elections will be held April 1 to April 5 on the WCGA Moodle page. WCGA will also have a table in Lenfest Commons to help remind you to vote!

Executive Board positions

The Executive Board consists of the following positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Chief Justice, Constitution and By-Laws Chairperson, Academic Affairs Chairperson, and Parliamentarian. President, Vice President and Chief Justice require students to be a rising junior, while the other positions require the candidates to be a rising sophomore.

The President of the WCGA is responsible for scheduling, calling, and presiding over all meetings of the Executive Board and General Assembly. The President is also charged with making sure the Association is in compliance with all of the Constitution and bylaws regulations. The President serves as a student representative to the Faculty Honor Council Committee, member of the Honor Council and Joint Honor Council, Trustee Committee on Student Life and Enrollment Management, and the full board meeting of the Board of Trustees.

The Vice-President is responsible for presiding over Senate and Residence Council meetings. This person supervises all senators and representatives. When the President is absent, the Vice President assumes all of the duties of the President. This officer serves as a student representative to the College Advancement Trustee Committee and attends all faculty meetings.

The Secretary is responsible for recording and distributing the minutes of meetings for the Executive Council and Senate, be the main correspondent between the Executive Council and other organizations and offices on and off campus. This officer serves as a student representative to the Board of Trustees Buildings and Grounds Committee.

The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing WCGA funds, and for giving a treasurer’s report on the current account balance at each WCGA meeting. It is the duty of the treasurer to preside over meetings of the Finance Committee and advise the Senate on matters of expenditures and apportionments. Club accounts are also overseen by the treasurer and are responsible for facilitating workshops for all club and organization treasurers to ensure proper documentation procedures are being followed. This officer serves as a student representative to the Trustee Finance Committee and the Investment Subcommittee.

The Chief Justice must work with the judicial advisor from student development to organize Honor Council and Joint Honor Council cases. They will facilitate a training session for all council representatives to ensure that all cases are handled professionally and within Blue Book policy. During cases, the Chief Justice only votes in the case of a tie. It is also their responsibility to refer cases to the appeals board when necessary, and keep accurate records following the conclusion of the case.

The Constitution and By-Laws Chairperson’s main duty is to review applications from newly founded campus organizations and requesting recognition and submitting them to the Senate for final approval. This officer also ensures the bylaws are in compliance and are understandable to all.

The Academic Affairs Chairperson serves as a voting member on the Faculty Committee on Curriculum. This person also serves on the Trustee Committee on Academic Affairs.

The Parliamentarian is responsible for taking attendance at all WCGA meetings and to ensure Robert’s Rules of Order are followed. All elections of the WCGA and classes must be validated by the Parliamentarian. This position is selected by the newly elected officers, but if you are interested, feel free to fill out an application just like all the other positions.

Last Updated: April 16, 2013

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