Archive Exhibit Entertains and Educates Amid Changes

Byline: By Lesley Eichelberger

Posted: April 14, 2013

Change is scary. As a rule, this is generally true. College Archivist, Amy Lucadamo is breaking rules and laughing in the face of fear with her newest exhibit, “Change at Wilson College.”

Opening with a reception at 4:00p.m. on Thurs, March 7 in the Hankey Center, the exhibit is set to coincide with Women's History Month.

The exhibit features a suprisingly eclectic assortment of facts and artifacts that give the audience a glimpse into the school's unique history. Lucadamo sees this reflection as a tool to be used to evaluate the current theme of change that is spreading through campus.

“Obviously there is a lot of change coming to Wilson. I wanted to show the past, what has changed, been slow to change, or changes that never happened,” said Lucadamo. “This exhibit will be received differently for every person. I have no agenda, other than to connect current students to their school’s history.”

Although Lucadamo denies that her exhibit was motivated by recent events concerning the school. She does admit that the nature of this exhibit and its timing make it especially appropriate.

“It was interesting to me that some of the ideas presented during the Commission’s meetings were actually things that have happened before,” said Lucadamo. “These old ideas gain new relevance with time.”

Delving into the archives reveals Wilson's unknown past

The exhibit is organized into four categories: social change, curriculum changes, agents of change and proposed changes that didn’t happen. It is this last category that Lucadamo finds most surprising.

“There are some really cool architectural plans for the school that never happened,” said Lucadamo. “There are plans for dormitories that are in a quad form and several other plans that would have made the school look dramatically different.”

Ashlee Yealy ’15 assisted Lucadamo with preparing the exhibit. As part of her work-study position, she helped with both the research and presentation of the materials for the exhibit. “I’m a history major. I think it is important to know about your school’s history. Ours has been particularly interesting,” said Yealy. “People would find the stories in the archives fascinating,” she says.

Niki Ambrosio ’16 also attended the exhibit reception.“I think it is interesting to see how we’ve changed and progressed throughout the years,” said Ambrosio.

Aside from being entertaining, the archives held in the Hankey Center are immensely valuable for educational purposes. These materials are a collection that dates back to before the college was opened. Letters, records, pictures and other kinds of memorabilia offers students a chance to study more than just Wilson’s history.

“A student from Shippensburg just finished using the archives for research. It is an asset to the campus and a big opportunity for an undergraduate to have access to primary sources,” said Lucadamo. “Not every school has a repository like ours, but hardly any Wilson students utilize it,” she continued.

The “Change at Wilson” exhibit will be on display throughout the rest of the semester and the Hankey Center welcomes visitors daily. Visitors are encouraged to stop in at their convenience.

To contact Amy Lucadamo about archive use, email her at

Last Updated: April 20, 2013

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