Community Participates in World Labyrinth Day

Byline: by Lauren Kershner

Posted: May 11, 2013

On Sat, May 4 the Wilson community observed World Labyrinth Day.

Find yourself in the labyrinth

Community members created a temporary labyrinth both on the campus green and in the Harry L. Brooks Complex for Science Mathematics and Technology. The labyrinth allows people to walk through to “find” themselves. While it may look like a maze, it only has a single path, making it impossible for those walking to get lost.

Chaplain Rosie Magee began the day by separating the volunteers into two groups. The first group, in charge of the labyrinth on the green, used stones that community members painted along with non-painted stones to build the design. It took the group about an hour to build the labyrinth that will remain up for eight days. Another group put together a felt labyrinth in the lobby of the Science Complex. While this one was bigger and only up for the day, it was another place for volunteers to “find” themselves.

“I think the project shows a lot of different ways to express yourself, which is something that I believe Wilson prides itself on,” said Barbara Mistick, College President. “No matter what your options are everyone is on their own journey to express individuality and the journey is unique, which is what I appreciate most about the labyrinth.”

Other events during the day included a presentation by the Rev. Dr. Margee Iddings. She presented “Preparing to Walk a Labyrinth.” Iddings’ presentation allowed participants to learn about the practice of walking the labyrinth that was built earlier that morning. Margee said there are four distinct transitions that people go through when walking a labyrinth.

The four transitions

“The four transitions are: walking in, at the center, walking out and reflecting,” said Margee. “At each stage you need to ask yourself different questions. You also can use the labyrinth to focus on others instead of yourself.”

The heart stone, the final stone

At 1:00p.m. Magee led the volunteers in a human labyrinth, culminating the day. During this activity, Magee placed the heart stone, the final stone, in the middle of the labyrinth. After a moment of silence, the labyrinth became open for people to walk through at their leisure.

“I am proud of Rosie,” said Katie Kough, Women with Children Program Director. “I would like a spot to have a permanent labyrinth for reflection.”

Last Updated: May 11, 2013

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