Five Faculty Members Depart

Byline: by Yolanda Cabrera

Posted: May 11, 2013

Dr. Cathy Santai, Assitant Professor of Chemistry

Santai has been working at Wilson part-time for several years. "I have very much enjoyed sharing my passion for chemistry, biochemistry, and women in science with the many talented students at Wilson College. I want to extend my gratitude to the students at Wilson who have taught me so much. It has been a blast," says Santai.

“Dr. Santai attended a women’s college as an undergraduate. She took her education to heart and she has inspired other women to reach their potential as budding scholars and leaders inside and outside of the classroom. Cathy will be able to devote more time to her family after leaving Wilson," says Hendrickson.

Dr. Bill Shoemaker, Director of Master of Education Program

Shoemaker has been working to grow and improve the Master of Education Program these past 5 years.

Shoemaker said, "After 36 years in K-12 public education, it was a refreshing change to experience the collegiate level. I’d like to thank those in the administration, faculty, and staff who so strongly supported the program."

Hendrickson, says, "Bill is a quiet, humorous, competent, and completely reliable administrator and educator. Bill has been able to greatly expand the M.Ed. program and has left the program on solid ground for a new program director to build upon. I would like to thank him for his many contributions."

Dr. Karen Adams, Chair of Computer Science and Mathematics Department

Excellence awards. Students who struggle with math are as complimentary of Adam’s skills as are those who major in the discipline. Karen is known for her high standards and for her enthusiasm for her discipline. She has frequently encouraged students to attend competitions and events in her field. Her commitment to scholarship in the discipline of math is also noteworthy. Adams will be taking a position at Shepherd University.

Hendrickson, says “Dr. Adams is a gifted mathematics teacher who has modeled for her students the importance of dedication to the discipline.”

Dr. Douglas Crawford, Chair of Business and Economics Department

He will not return in the fall. Crawford has been commuting back and forth from Richmond, VA during the time he has been here. His family is now anxious for him to spend more time at home. Crawford has devoted much time and attention to teaching business in an innovative way and to building the business department. He was active in the fencing club.

Crawford says, "Teaching in this environment I was able to impact students and in return I was impacted by students."

"Dr. Crawford has a contagious enthusiasm for teaching and learning. He has devoted himself to teaching business and has shared with the students other life lessons," said Hendrickson. Dr. Bertain Kouadio, Chair of International Studies Department and Assistant Professor of International Studies

Kouadio, joined Wilson College in fall 2008. Kouadio says, "Wilson is a unique place for me for various reasons. Wilson offered me my first academic job which I remain grateful for. Wilson is a unique place in that it taught me a lot about gender and feminist issues as I taught my courses. I could not have made it without the help of my colleagues, students and staff. I am especially grateful to Dean Hendrickson and her Assistant Robin Herring, and also Liz Thorpe and Gretchen for their unconditional support and assistance. To all I say thank you for the bottom of my heart for making me a part of the Wilson story."

Hendrickson, says, "Bertin Kouadio brought to the College the perspective of another culture. His gentle ways and obvious enthusiasm for teaching and his students will be held in our memories. He will be missed."

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