Prentis Hall Gets Renovation After Building Flood

Byline: Laura B. Hans

Posted: October 19, 2010

This fall the Prentis Hall Lounge received a makeover. Prentis Hall is the dorm for the Women With Children program.

One donor, Pat Vail '63 says, "Mom [Mrs. Gladys Conner Vail] and I think the concept of the program is amazing. It addresses the situation of young women who should go to college even though they have the challenge of raising children. Mothers are the best modelers of the future for children." Pat was a freshman at Prentis in 1959 and wanted the facility to be as special to current residents as it was to her. The lounge is now a comfortable place for students to study and live.

In June, Prentis Hall underwent other renovations because an old water line ruptured on the third floor and caused flooding. Dan Golliday, General Manager of the Physical Plant, says "the water was flowing down both stairwells like a waterfall." Carpet removal and cleaning, wall patch and cove base application, acoustical tile replacement and wall painting were necessary improvements. Clean up efforts also required the help of a water cleanup company along with over 100 dehumidifiers and 200 fans.

The campus community worked hand-in-hand to fix the problem ensuring the students were safe and comfortable. Golliday appreciates all efforts and says, "Thank you to everyone for their patience and cooperation."

Last Updated: September 25, 2011

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