Two Romantic Mares Join Wilson College's Equestrian Program in 2010

Byline: Alyse Lynch

Posted: September 24, 2010

The Penn Hall Equestrian Center of Wilson College received two Andalusian mares this summer. The equine sisters join the riding program as school horses for the use of the riding students in their biweekly lessons.

Born in 2001, sisters Luna and Lila are both black with white facial markings. Luna has a white mark on her forehead known as a star. Lila has a star and a snip, a marking on her nose. Luna suffers from an allergy to black flies. Barn Manager Ellen Schroyer could not be reached for comment.

Kim McNamee '11 has ridden Luna, and alumna Risa Saar '10 has ridden both Luna and Lila. They both agree that the mares are somewhat inexperienced, but both have great movement. "She [Luna] really seeks you to tell her what to do" explains McNamee '11.

About Andalusians

The Andalusian is a Spanish breed that excels under saddle. The breed is known for their favorable temperaments. They are both docile and energetic. "They are something we can raise and train to fit our needs" comments Megan Keys '11.

The Andalusian breed typically meets specific physical qualities. The breed generally measures between 15hh and 16hh (5'-5'4'') from the bottom of the hoof to the top of the shoulder. Andalusians are typically gray or bay, brown with black points, and occasionally chestnut or black in color.

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