Wilson College Fencing Club Plans Competitive Year

Byline: Alyse Lynch

Posted: September 15, 2010

The Wilson College Fencing Club hopes to hold a fencing tournament during the Spring '11 semester. This tournament would feature multiple fencing clubs from nearby universities such as Millersville and Gettysburg.

Looking Forward to Competing

"We're really a lot more serious about getting out there and competing against other schools and clubs than we have been in the past" explains Naomi Hendrick '11. In addition to the proposed tournament, the club plans on competing at least once during the Fall '10 semester. Club advisor Douglas Crawford describes fencing as "physical chess." The key to winning is learning the opponent's technique.

An Overview of Fencing

Crawford explains that fencing is not a complicated sport. The suits are electrified to recognize when a weapon touches it. A fencer receives a point for every touch within the target area. Bouts typically run to five points depending on the competition.

"We have an amazing coaching staff" says Naomi Hendrick '11. The club boasts three experienced coaches: Dave Coletta, Jeremy Coletta and Jeff Sarsfield. Crawford states that each coach has a minimum of 20 years experience. Dave Coletta fenced for Rutgers University and competed internationally in epée. Jeremy Coletta competed nationally in saber and Sarsfield fenced in the Air Force Academy.

"We plan on teaching all three weapons; foil, epée and saber" explains Hendrick '11. The difference between the weapons is the target area and the attacking motion. Foil scores on the torso while epée scores on the whole body. Both weapons are used in a thrusting motion. Saber scores on the waist up and uses a slashing motion.

Interested in Learning?

"We welcome any - experienced and beginner" explains Chrissy Shick '11.

The club meets Mon. and Wed. in Laird Hall from 8:30pm – 11:00pm. For more information, students may contact any of the officers: President Chrissy Shick '11, Vice President Hayley Glass '11, Secretary Selena Sunderland '12 or Treasurer Naomi Hendrick '11. Crawford advises students to reference the club's page on the Wilson College website at

Last Updated: September 25, 2011

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