Conochocheague Yearbook Galvanized with New Energy

Byline: Sarah Martin

Posted: September 24, 2010

Every year the staff members of the Conococheague Yearbook decide on a theme for the upcoming year. This year, Yearbook chose a theme close to Wilson's heart: the new logo.

An Idea's Beginnings

During an interview, Laura Harmyk '11 explains how she and Megan Dennis '11, coeditors of the yearbook, chose this year's theme. While attending a three-day annual yearbook convention in New Orleans by Taylor Publishing, Harmyk and Dennis discovered a yearbook featuring changes that occurred throughout the school year. Seeing this brought to mind the changes on the Wilson campus and they decided to research Wilson's previous logos. They hope to start in the Hankey Center archives examining past logos and what happened on campus when the logos changed. Harmyk says that they hope to discover, "why [Wilson] change[d] the logo" and what "interesting events... happened throughout the year". Additionally the staff may contact alumnae to acquire other information.

A Helping Hand

Prof. of Fine Arts, Robert Dickson's photography class will help the yearbook staff this year. Dickson's syllabus states, "Congratulations – You are now staff photographers for the Conococheague, our yearbook. In mid-September we will visit with the yearbook editor and each of you will receive an assignment." Dickson specifies that this assignment is "more a participation thing than hard hitting photojournalism training." The yearbook staff will use pictures from these assignments to create a yearbook that outlines the present and previous logos, as well as events that occur throughout the coming school year.

Last Updated: September 25, 2011

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