Muhibbah Club Enjoys Winter Weather at Whitetail Ski Resort

Byline: Seolhee Baek

Posted: March 3, 2011

The Muhibbah Club visited Whitetail Resort to enjoy skiing and snowboarding on Sat, Jan. 29. This was a social gathering for all the international students after their winter vacation. It also celebrated the addition of two new members to the club. It was the first official meeting of Muhibbah in the New Year.

Students Experiment with Snowboard

Lauriane Massin, the co-president of Muhibbah, says, "Because Muhibbah wants students to learn and be curious about other cultures, we thought [visiting Whitetail] would be a good idea to get together off campus for two new Korean students. I assume that it makes the integration of the new Korean girls easier." She highly recommended Whitetail Ski Resort for snowboarding. Besides, every Wednesday night is "College Night." Every college student can enjoy snowboarding and skiing for only $30. The price includes both the rental fee and four hours of skiing.

Muhibbah 2011 on Saturday, March 5

Muhibbah is also preparing for the annual Muhibbah Dinner, which will be held on Sat, Mar. 5. Massin says the Muhibbah Dinner will be different from last semester's Sampler Night. This event is to promote peace and make the community aware of different cultures" and they will offer dishes instead of desserts.

The Muhibbah Dinner will be a buffet style. People can taste typical dishes from different countries while viewing performances by Muhibbah members. The club also elected Dohyun Jo as a co-president. Lauriane Massin and Dohyun Jo will lead Muhibbah together during the spring semester.

Last Updated: September 25, 2011

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