FACULTY PROFILE: Professor Xiangjing Wei

Byline: April Davila

Posted: October 5, 2010

New Asst. Prof. Xiangjing Wei Brings Fresh Insight to Economics

Some would say Wilson College can feel like home, even for faculty and staff. Once they arrive here at the Wilson College campus, professors and students alike have a sense of ease. Here, everyone is willing to learn. The fact that faculty are eager to make you feel at home makes Wilson feel like a close community.

Students Respond Kindly

For Prof. Xiangjing Wei it has not been that different. She feels that the student residents treat her with utmost respect and kindness.

Prof. Wei's Past

Prof. Wei hails from China. She came to America to teach at Georgia State University, and is now here at Wilson for her very first year. She comments that students here should take her financing and economics course to begin to learn about America's financial matters and "to do something positive now that they have the chance to learn about the economics." She insists that America's economic fate lies in the hands of every individual who may own a home, a car, or any other costly investment.

Charge to Wilson Students

"I want Wilson College students to expand their eyesight for a fuller career or way of life," says Wei.

Last Updated: September 25, 2011

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