Field House Welcomes "New" Additions to the Athletic Department

Byline: Alaina Hofer

Posted: September 24, 2010

Wilson Athletics took the opportunity this year and added two "players" to their staff. Both Beth Weixel (soccer and lacrosse) and Nikola Grafnetterova (sports promotion and management) are familiar faces up at the Field House. They are new to the athletic department's staff, and both women are are extremely excited.

Beth Weixel, also the head soccer coach and assistant lacrosse coach, is now in charge of the sports information department within the athletic department. She creates and distributes press releases, communicates with Wilson's opponent teams for statistics that have either been updated or are current, and she manages Facebook updates for the athletic department.

When asked how she felt about her position, Weixel states, "I'm enthused to be with the athletic department, even more so because I am here on a more regular basis. I am ecstatic that I am pursuing the career I love and also get the chance to share my passion for sports while building relationships with student athletes."

In the same office, a familiar face is currently the intern for Wilson Athletics. Nikola Grafnetterova '10 graduated from Wilson with distinguished honors both in academics and athletics. She now shares her knowledge as an intern. Her responsibilities include game promotions, game management, and events and facilities where she schedules pool and recreation hours for the department. She is also the assistant field hockey coach this year. Grafnetterova says she is "excited to be interning at her Alma Mater with the athletic department. It's a good experience to see the other side of how athletics is run. It has truely been eye-opening."

Sharing the same office, both Weixel and Grafnetterova state that their duties overlap and they need to not only communicate with the other members of the department, but also communicate effectively with each other. The also shared two interesting facts about their time in the office. One, they both agree that the spiders are not the best of friends and two, they cannot agree what to put on the radio.

If you get a chance and you want to take a walk, head up to the Field House and introduce yourself to these fine additions to the Wilson community.

Last Updated: September 25, 2011

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