Students Speak Up About Technology Updates for Disert Hall

Byline: by April C. Davila

Posted: January 16, 2012

Computers in the dorm room halls run slower than the recently upgraded computers on other parts of campus. Among those, the library’s computers are the fastest on campus. Besides inequity among functionality of campus computers, working printers are also in high demand this semester.

Response to computing facilities on campus

Disert Hall’s computer printers are causing many complaints for some residents. Printers in the second floor are often low on ink, but not many residents say it is a setback. Kayla Croft ‘13, a Disert resident says, "It is exercise having to walk myself to Sarah’s. It does not bother me that the computer printers are not working."

Many students say that the dorm hall computers are slow, so they structure their time around as many things they can do in one trip to Sarah’s Coffeehouse. "My roommate and I text each other, and if I happen to need to print anything we do each other the favor of printing for whoever is out," adds Croft.

How to get help

"Residents should always be willing to go to their R.A.s.... If people request that they are in need of paper or ink, we make sure that we meet those needs," Cathy Smedley ‘12, the Resident Advisor (R.A.) for the third floor of Disert Hall, says. Students are encouraged to talk to the R.A.s not only once, but three times and can even check with the physical plant or the I.T. department for any problems regarding dormitory equipment.

IT's goals for campus computing

"One of our top priorities is classrooms…where it is affecting the learning in a classroom." says Kevin Gallagher, one of I.T.’s personnel.

Renovations are important to move towards more technological services on campus, but "It all comes down to the budget year… [how much] is in the budget, but as far as software goes that all gets done during the summer," says Gallagher.

The halls get an average of two to three complaints a semester. These complaints increase as the college gets closer to finals. "It is not the R.A.’s fault, nor I.T. We just need to learn to work with what we have," says Smedley.

"There hasn’t been many complaints," says Gallagher, but a Disert resident who chose anonymity begs to differ saying, "I asked for a written work order over two times, and yet nothing has been done." The source adds, "I am staying up until 1:00am or 2:00am sometimes I do not want to forget to print my work for class later, but when I find no working printers or paper, it’s a huge inconvenience to me."

"We are a community, we want to be there for the students, but if no one speaks up, well nothing is ever going to get fixed," said Smedley.

Last Updated: February 15, 2012

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