ADT Debunks Misconceptions of Women’s Future in Mathematics

Byline: by April C. Davila

Posted: January 17, 2012

Women hate math, true or not? The Alpha Delta Theta (ADT) math club turned heads as the biggest number of women participated at the James Madison University conference in 2011. During Friday’s event, nine members of the ADT, the biggest in Wilson participating history, joined advisor Dr. Karen Adams, to attend the SUMS conference.

The conference is called the SUMS^7 event. SUMS is an acronym for the Shenandoah Undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics. It featured numerous professionals in the mathematics careers speaking of the potentiality of their fields.

9 Wilson women head to conferenc

On Sat, Oct. 15 and Fri, Oct. 21, ADT math club took part in one conference that focused on students creating a career out of a mathematics degree.

An estimated 300 or 350 students from all over the state of PA attended the event, including nine from Wilson. "People present and attending were very professional," says Adams.

Adds Adams, "These panels are great because it exposes Wilson to a bigger networking web. In fact, the chair of the mathematics department at George Washington University, was so impressed of the number of [Wilson] women participating, he came up to us and asked that we call him for next year’s women’s international event."

A professional setting

"Inside both auditoriums at both events were filled with students who were all calm, cool and collected. It was a real professional setting," ADT president, Brinita Ricks ‘12 says.

Building bridges between "physical systems and geometric models"

Guest speaker, Dr. Ruth Charney, a professor at Brandeis University, spoke about the connection between the building of physical systems and geometric models. As a special speaker, she had two occasions to speak. She had an opening address in the topic of ‘Robotics and Geometry’ and sat with students for a lunch session. Hess says, "A panel of 21 or 25 people, with math backgrounds stood before us, but Dr. Ruth spoke twice, before and after."

Members were encouraged to attend the session that interested them the most. Kisha Pradhan ‘15, an attendee says, "I was really excited to see and listen to students from different places speaking about various topics in the math field. It was a positive atmosphere. I was interested most in how science connected to math!"

Adams says that math students were excited because the conference and the panel featured numerous biology, VMT, and business majors who had a slight interest in math.

Math is foundation for multiple careers

Sonja Hess ‘15, a member of ADT exclaimed, "The range of professional careers that a math degree can get you is perhaps the most inspirational." Teachers, professors, a government official and a lawyer were among the speakers she said. She jokes, "I didn’t expect a lawyer to talk that’s for sure."

Among the panel of speakers and presenters at the conference, many young students attended to hear guest speakers talk. The talks included the relations between mathematics, biology and economics. ADT member, Neena Gurung ‘15 says, "I really, really enjoyed hearing the talks on how mathematics was related to science in so many ways."

Adams says, "We would like to thank the dean and give a lot of credit to Alpha Deta because for the second year in a row, members managed to get a lot of funding on their own," Adam says.

The SUMS conference provided panel sessions about graduate opportunities after college. Ricks says, "I know now what I want to do with my life." She` hopes to apply for work at the NSA or National Security Agency and the Bureau for Labor and Statistics and apply for grad school.

"Some of the [math members] are a mixed majors, but I am sure if any other Wilson student would of liked to attend, they are more than welcome to attend," Hess says.

The ADT club plans on participating in next years conferences

For more information on other conferences you may contact Dr. Karen Adams at or Brinita Ricks at

Last Updated: March 1, 2012

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