Students' Gingerbread Houses Capture Magic of the Holidays

Byline: by Soyoung An

Posted: January 17, 2012

At one time or another you have probably imagined eating or living in a fantastical house made of cookies from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. On Nov. 29, Chaplain Rosie Magee and members of Habitat for Humanity Club brought this magical idea to Wilson College.

The Habitat Club held a Gingerbread House Contest on Nov. 29 to celebrate the feeling the holidays inspires.

"It ties all holiday things not just Christmas," said Chaplain Magee, organizer of the event. Anyone who was interested in building a gingerbread cookie house, could participate in this event.

Students built friendships while constructing houses

"I enjoyed making it fun. But it was not just for fun. I spent time with my friend Sam Walker. Actually, we hardly get together due to our busy schedule. However, we could build up friendship and had a great time together by making a sweet holiday house," Sonja Hess ‘15 said.

The contest was held to raise funds for Habitat for Humanity club. They also highlighted an activity central to Habitat: building a house. People felt the Christmas spirit that follows the Thanksgiving holiday.

The chance to live a fairytale

A total of six participants submitted four imaginative gingerbread houses. The houses were made of colorful jelly, bread, cookie and cream. Two of the houses were decorated like a festive Christmas holiday. There were Christmas trees and a wreath with jelly lighting. The other two houses represented a cottage, a lovely house for a couple that was almost like a fairy tale house.

The voting took place during "Style Your Holiday" in Laird Hall on Dec. 1, from 4:00-9:00pm and then the week following during lunch periods outside of the dining hall until Dec. 7. The voting used money and it will be used for Habitat club’s funds. The winner will be announced next Fri, Dec. 9. The first place prize is a Sheetz gift card.

"I voted one of the gingerbread houses which was similar to my imaginary sweet house. In my country, that kind of event is not familiar, so I just keep my magical imagination in my mind. But this contest makes my imagination be real. It seems like coming back to childhood," Jiyoon Shin ’13 said. It was a meaningful event in terms of arousing festive moods at Wilson College and memories from childhood. The gingerbread house event made people at Wilson ready to enjoy the upcoming holiday.

Last Updated: February 23, 2013

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