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Byline: by Sam Walker

Posted: January 18, 2012

The Phoenix play basketball for family, teammates and for alma mater. Together, we are part of something big.

Why do the Phoenix play the game of basketball? We play the game of basketball for our family, our teammates and for our alma mater. Together, we are part of something big.

We plan on creating a new name for Wilson College Basketball. We are striving for a winning season this year, and we will reach our goal because we have the heart that allows us to tackle the challenge.

Even though our team varies in experience, we have the same amount of heart. Some of us have played since our younger years, while others are just starting their basketball career. Regardless, we all have the ability to work hard and come out with a winning season this year.  

During practice, we prepare ourselves for the challenge that will come along while playing the game of basketball. We push ourselves to sprint, slide, pass and shoot, so that we can play all out for a total of 40 minutes on game day.

We cannot just rely on ourselves – we have to rely on each other as a team. We trust our teammates to call out screens, help out defensively, and assist in making baskets. We need each of our teammates to rise to the challenge – on and off the court. Outside of the game, we strive to keep up with schoolwork and health.

Every player must push themselves, so that on game day we can play hard and leave everything we have to offer on the court, together as a team.

Last Updated: January 25, 2012

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