Resident Assistants Choose to Serve for Meaningful Experience

Byline: by Soyoung An

Posted: March 3, 2012

The Residence Life Program is recruiting new 2012-13 Residence Assistance (RA) staff, and students have shown an interest in the duties and benefits of holding the RA job title. RAs work not only for monetary compensation, but also for the meaningful professional experience.

Director of Residence Life, Sherri Sadowski explains that Wilson College’s RAs get paid monthly depending on the participating year. The first year’s monthly payment is $284.75, the second year’s payment is $347.25 and the third year's monthly payment is $409.75. Furthermore, they receive free parking and a discount on double rooms.

The benefits of being an RA

"We get benefits such as participating in conferences for free. The Mid-Atlantic Association of College & University Housing Officers [MACUHO] is one of the offered conferences. All of the school’s RAs gather together, and we have to present and share experiences. It is a great opportunity to me," Current RA, Cathy Smedley ‘12 says.

Compared with other colleges in Pa., most offer similar benefits to their RAs: monetary payment, free parking or room benefits.

Being an RA at other colleges

Grove City College (GCC) takes $1,200.00 off tuition per semester and includes room and board benefits. They also offer free parking passes to their staff, one of GCC’s RAs explained.

Cedar Crest College (CCC) offers payment for five hours a week at minimum wage. RAs in CCC also receive meal benefits if they are on-call during break because the dining hall is not open. As compensation, they get a free single room and air conditioner for applicable halls.

"Everything is nice. However, if RA’s rooms were free at Wilson College, it would be more helpful to my tuition. Our RAs work a lot of behind the scenes," Smedley ‘12 says.

The honor and duty of an RA

Wilson College’s RAs have several duties. They make sure everything safe on campus, work as peer-mediators, and create four campus programs per year and eight hall programs a semester. They try to create a better campus and community. In addition, they maintain 2.5 GPA and act as a role model to other students.

An RA is a person who exhibits responsibility and leadership. Ayorkor Dua ‘14, a recent RA applicant, says, "I applied because it seemed cool. I have always wondered what it would be like to hold a leadership position and the RA position plays this role. So I figured, why not give it a try?"

Even though the RAs do not have many major issues nor do they complain about their job, the school gives careful attention to complaints of some students who are future applicants. "I think that complaints are from a lack of information and communication with RAs. We don’t know exactly what they do and what benefits are offered about their job. If we know how meaningful this work is, students understand and catch the opportunity," Seung hee Baek ’13 said.







Last Updated: March 3, 2012

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