Softball Team Sets Goals, Aims for NCAA Championships

Byline: by Suji Han

Posted: March 3, 2012

This season the Phoenix softball team looks to get to the next level: qualifying for the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Championship. After winning in the North East Athletic Conference (NEAC) last season, the team believes NCAA is within reach.

Having had the most successful season yet to date, if the Phoenix win the South this year and beat the winner of the North, then the team goes to the NCAA.

Their goal is not only to go to the NCAA, but also to play as a family. The team practices 15 hours per week. The focus of the practice is to bring the team closer together. They do not need any super stars or leading players to maintain the atmosphere of the team.

"Our team goal is to be the Wilson softball family, so we want to play as a family. If you take care of team chemistry and team purpose, and unify the team, then the scores and skills will take care of themselves. We are a very talented team, but talented teams do not win championships. Team chemistry wins championships," says Brett Cline, the Head Coach of the softball team.

Pre-season brings few worries, but an eye on goals

They do not have any worries about pre-season injuries or opposing teams, as they only worry about playing as a team. "We want everybody to be team focused, not individually focused. Being individually focused means I get to play every game, every inning, every time. We want more focus to be on the team. So what we worry about most is the players not focused on the team but on playing time. We are focused on what’s best for the team," said Cline.

The benefits of a "team council"

The softball team has a team council instead of having a team captain. Instead of putting extra pressure on one person, the whole team works together. This is also connected to the team philosophy. To keep those thoughts in mind, the team has two frames on the wall. They are about 12 Lessons in Leadership and Team Culture. Every player takes on the responsibility of the leader. They always keep in mind the team culture in order to fulfill the team’s goal.

Players say they feel the team is like a big family, and that attitude shows every time they practice.

"We go around and we tell everybody something positive about our day. It can be about anything. For example, some people say, "Oh, I took a nap today" or "I got out of my class early" says Sonja Hess ‘15. "This just gets us closer together. Let’s us get to know each other," she says.

Last Updated: March 3, 2012

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