Unpredictable Shuttle Service Compels Students Speak up for Schedule Improvement

Byline: Soyoung An

Posted: March 23, 2012

Every Friday from 5:15pm-10:00pm, the school offers shuttle service for shopping. The shuttle works a continuous loop between Wilson and the nearby shopping locations. However, students have suggested that the shuttle is not timely and is somewhat unpredictable. Students have also reported waiting for over two hours for the shuttle. Students who use the service demand improvement.

Unpredictable shuttle service and van capacity

“The unpredictable shuttle time makes me upset. Last Friday, I waited almost two hours outside,” says Hye Jin Kim ’13.

Van capacity issues also make student wait for a long time. Mary Beth ‘15 says, “We need to wait for a returning van because the shuttle is too full.” Helman says, “We can only have ten students in the van by law." She also points out that sometimes students are not there to meet the driver. It takes time to pick up the students. So, it delays to take the students in the next places.

Contact problem with the drivers

Kim ’13 says, “I even do not know how I can contact the driver. Some drivers let us know their cell phone number, but every week the drivers change.” Advisor of International Students, Paul Miller, offers the drivers cell phone for the International Students, but the phone is rarely used. Even some student does not know that drivers have a school phone.

Improvement suggestions

“If it is possible, there should be two shuttles for saving time,” Kisha Pradhan ‘15 says. She also suggests an afternoon shuttle after classes so as not to miss dinner. Some students recommend having fixed time schedule at each stop.

Manager of Student Development Office, Lorie Helman says, “If we had more money in our budget, we could do so.” She considered having a van for Walmart and the mall, and another van for local shops. However, the problem is the budget and some nights the extra van is not necessary.

Helman says’ “You have to understand we take the student where they want to go that time. It depends on how many stops we make for the students and how busy traffic is. It’s Friday!”

To make improvements, Helman wants to communicate with students. Helman adds, “Student need to report their complaints to me. I will talk to driver if we have to fix something, and I will try to figure out how we can make the shuttle service better.” Reports can be sent to

Last Updated: March 23, 2012

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