ALLIES Educates, Entertains with "Sex and Candy" Rave

Byline: by Georgia Kalmoutis

Posted: March 23, 2012

The ALLIES Club plans to entertain while educating students on safe sex with a “Sex and Candy Rave” on Fri, March 30 in the dining hall.

“ALLIES hopes to provide accurate information regarding sexual health in a fun, relaxed environment,” says Treasurer of ALLIES, Laura Wilson ’13.

Entertaining and educating

ALLIES hired the same disc jockeys used at White Dinner 2011, Nick and Jordan. They will provide black lights as well as a set equipped to deliver a light show in order to highlight the event’s “rave” theme.

ALLIES plans to decorate the lobby with different ways of getting the information to students.

ALLIES also hopes to educate through posters, pamphlets and other reading materials with factual information on practicing safe sex and sexually transmitted diseases. ALLIES intends to obtain most of this information from the local Planned Parenthood.

Fitting with the mission of the campus

Dean of Students, Carolyn Perkins says, “We are an educational institution and want to promote the learning of such things in and out of the classroom.”

Rubber contraceptives and informational pamphlets on the topic of safe sex will be available to students.

The event’s topic is not controversial or unfamiliar to the campus. Resident Assistants and the Residence Life department also have programs that promote safe sex practices. Before spring break last year, the Resident Assistants handed out condoms to the residents on their halls in order to promote safety over break.

“The RAs gave out condoms last year before spring break,” says Director of Resident Life, Sherri Ihle Sadowski.

Last Updated: March 23, 2012

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