All College Forum Reveals Plans for Increasing Enrollment, Introduces New Data System

Byline: by April C. Davila

Posted: March 28, 2012

President Barbara Mistick revealed that the college’s enrollment target is set at 1,000 students. Mistick announced this target at this year’s All College Forum on Tues, Mar. 6 in Brooks Auditorium.

Mistick also discussed the Leading with Confidence Campaign highlighted the amount of work faculty, staff and the community contributed to raise more than the goal of $45 million.

Mistick acknowledged those who contributed to the campaign of more than $10,000.

"Over 75 percent of you gave to the Capital Campaign. Thank you for closing that campaign successfully," she said.

Among the top priorities for the coming school year is the library renovation and the new Grid Technology plan. The Grid Technology plan involves a system upgrade to the Datatel system.

New ways to register for classes

Registrar Jean Hoover says, "We’ve been working for about a year in this process. It includes a new student module. Students will be able to register online with the least amount of traffic."

"Datatel will also guarantee a safer, community oriented system that will allow students and staff to better communicate, with a onetime login. This includes everything being live online by May 1. All these changes will begin on August 1 and the current program Jenzabar, will no longer be used," she adds.

A recruiting model for the Aug. 1 training for faculty and staff will take place in the coming months. "We did ask our manager to restrict time off just before the school year starts, but that’s only because we have time and the team behind us," says Mistick.

The college will continue to pursue its original Vision Statement. To strengthen the college’s long term financial stability is among Mistick’s visions for the future. She said, "Every one of us has a piece of student, one who makes us feel that they should stay in here or not. Retaining students is important to keep at 82 percent. Last year’s it was a steady 75 percent."

"To do this," she says, "We need to increase student enrollment to about 1000 students."

National recognition

"We want to be nationally recognized, in order to do that, we have to make a marketing plan live. This is possible in the highest level. We need direct cabinet positions, "Mistick adds.

Adult degree programs, co-educational and the male alumnae need to be recognized, she says. Adding that, "It’s time to embrace the alumni population. Not necessarily letting this college become co-ed, but focusing on those men that are proud to be a part of Wilson."

Creating a technology plan like the grid technology system is a process. Mistick says, "We’re in a process of reviewing everything. 1,000 students is our goal. We should met student needs and looking at partnerships to certify with community colleges."

Another topic of interest is the renovation of the library. President Mistick says, "I hope you all know that we selected Murray Associates. We will hold a generous planning session."

Last Updated: March 28, 2012

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