Campus News

  • WCGA Account Causes Concern Over Apportionment Process

    Professor of Spanish, José Hernán Córdova sent an all-campus email on April 23 questioning the $65,961.53 balance in the Wilson College Government Association (WCGA) account. In the email he asked how such a surplus can occur and what will happen to the money at the semester’s end.

  • PUSH: New Clubs, Elections of the Exectitive Board and Year-end News

    In this last segment of PUSH, Wilson College Government Association will give a summary of what has occurred on campus and what will occur in the future.

  • Photo by Lauren Kershner

    Fourth Annual Student Research Day

    On Fri, May 3 members of the senior class presented research they began working on last semester. Each senior who was presenting worked with at least one faculty member. This faculty member advised the student throughout their work and helped them to present their research work to the Wilson community. Student Research Day provides this opportunity to those graduating seniors who may have an interest in pursuing graduate work.

  • Dr. Mrozik speak with Ian Downin '13

    Dr. Susanne Mrozik Speaks About Buddhism at Annual Orr Forum

    Dr. Susanne Mrozik spoke to a mixed audience of campus and local community members on Wed, April 10 as the keynote speaker for the 2013 Orr Forum.

  • Adjunct Professor of Mass Communications Felicia Shearer instructs Eunice Garley '16

    Introducing Mass Communications Adjunct Professor Felicia Shearer

    As the start of class time draws near, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Communications, Felicia Shearer eyes her watch. She feels well prepared and excited to begin her lecture, ready to make the most out of every second of class time. Her contagious enthusiasm rubs off on her students as they prepare to engage themselves knee deep in mass communication theory at 9:30am.

  • PUSH: Premier Weekend, Blue Book Changes and More

    In this segment of PUSH, Wilson College Government Association will give a summary of what has occurred on campus.

  • Wislon FFA members

    New Collegiate Chapter of FFA Offers Students Diverse Experiences

    Two women have followed their hearts and are encouraging others to do the same as they work to form a collegiate chapter of the Futer Farmers of America(FFA). Founder, Carolyn Lawrence ‘14 and Co-founder, Daniele Riley ‘14 initiated the new club to promote their interest in agriculture at the end of the fall semester last year.

  • Graduation Fair Prepares Seniors for Commencement Day

    Graduating students have the opportunity to make the graduation process smoother at the first ever Graduation Fair on Tue, March 26. A committee of staff members, who help the senior class plan Commencement, teamed up with senior class representatives to create this event. The senior representatives told staff what they would like to see and the staff ran with those ideas.

  • Archivist Amy Lucadamo poses with Nikki Ambrosio ‘16 (center) and Ashley Yealy ‘15 (right)

    Archive Exhibit Entertains and Educates Amid Changes

    Change is scary. As a rule, this is generally true. College Archivist, Amy Lucadamo is breaking rules and laughing in the face of fear with her newest exhibit, “Change at Wilson College.”

  • Christopher Bush, in 4th grade at Cumberland Valley Christian School

    Son of WWC Student Competes in Elementary School Speech Meet

    Fourth grader at Cumberland Valley Christian School (CVCS), Christopher Bush is the son of Barbara Bush '13, a member of the Women with Children Program (WWC). On Fri, March 1, he was a finalist in the 15th annual Speech Meet at his school.

  • MyMathLab provides students with video lectures, practice problems and immediate assistance and feedback

    Math Department Combines Lectures with Online Lab

    The Wilson College Math Department, of the Mathmatics and Computer Science Department, is moving in a new direction. It is moving into the realm of online classes.

  • Alumnae Consider Taking Legal Action Against College

    Legal counsel is hired and a fund established to look into potential legal action against Wilson College, an alumna announced online on Feb. 17.

  • PUSH: Upcoming Elections for Positions in Next Year’s Student Government

    It’s that time of year for Wilson College Government Association Executive Board Elections! In this segment of PUSH, there are brief descriptions of the Executive Board positions and the timeline for application deadlines and elections.

  • Alumna Samantha Ainuddin ‘96 hands a package of free Girl Scout cookies to student Emma Echanis ‘14 while promoting the Aunt Sarah program.

    Students Receive Gifts from 'Aunt Sarah': Students, Alumnae/I Reconnect With Program's Renewal

    The revival of the Aunt Sarah program, which has been dormant for the past two years, has created new bonds between current students and alumnae/i.

  • Leah Rockwell and Barbara Bush in Career Development Center

    CDC Seeks Replacements: Campus Community Enjoys Benefits

    Coverage in Wilson’s Career Development Center changed on Dec. 31 of last year. As a result, the Career Development Office made decisions regarding how they can provide services to students, especially the seniors who are in their last semester.

  • Board of Trutess Vote on Future of College

    The winds of change are blowing big ideas around our campus. The gusts began to swell last semester as the Commission on Shaping the Future of Wilson College shared their considerations with the entire community as they prepared to make their final recommendations.

  • Dean of Students Mary Hendrickson and President of WCGA Janelle Wills  speak to the community.

    Spring Convocation Focuses on Valuing the Opinions of Others

    Spring Convocation brought the Wilson community together Tues, Feb. 11 in Thomson Hall’s Alumnae Chapel to welcome new members and hear the words of Wells College President Lisa Marsh Ryerson. Ryerson spoke of her personal experiences during Wells College transition in fall 2005 from an all-women’s college to a co-educational institution.

  • nergy and You - attendees gather in Brooks Science Complex auditorium.

    Annual Energy and You Conference Held in Brooks Science Complex

    The 2013 Energy and You committee organized the fifth annual “Energy and You” workshop on Sat, Feb. 9 in the Brooks Science Complex. This year’s topic was “Invest in Your Future: Your Energy Options.”

  • Airborne_Mold__soap_and water should be used to remove any mold visible on walls.

    Airborne Mold Spores Detected, Removed From Residence Halls

    An information session for residents was held on Mon, Feb. 4 regarding the efforts to test for and eliminate possible airborne mold spores infiltrating the air in campus residence halls. Mold spores that linger in the air long enough can pose serious health concerns.

  • Official Facebook Page Comment Removal; Censorship or Caution?

    On Mon, Jan. 21, the Wilson College official Facebook page updated with a message to all those who had posted on the site with comments on the changes regarding the Sun, Jan. 13 vote by the Board of Trustees.

  • Student Government Strives to Keep Campus Connected

    Ever wonder what the WCGA really does? Do you know the words that those initials stand for? Many students here do not.

  • by Lauren Kershner

    Board of Trustees Postpones Vote on Future of College

    The 30 member Board of Trustees met on Fri, Nov. 30 and Sat, Dec. 1. They were meeting to vote on the proposals presented by President Dr. Barbara Mistick; these materials are aimed at providing a stable financial future for Wilson.

  • Photo by Caileigh Oliver

    Student-led Protest Shakes Up Campus

    The sun peeked over the horizon on Wed, Nov. 14 to reveal the Wilson campus covered in posters, signs, and sheets. A number of messages adorned the signs, ranging from “You said we would have a voice, why is no one listening?” and “What Would Sarah Wilson Do?” to “Better Dead than Co-ed.”

  • Commission Makes Draft Recommendations for the Future of College

    The Harry R. Brooks Complex for Science, Mathematics and Technology Auditorium was filled with students, faculty, staff and alumnae on Thurs, Nov. 3. The Commission for Shaping the Future of Wilson College held an Open House meeting to discuss draft recommendations that could begin to affect Wilson as early as next semester. No decisions have been made and will not be made until the Board of Trustees meet in December.

  • PUSH: Persist Until Something Happens

    In this segment, we will be discussing Pizza Talk results, a brief summary of the main highlights from the weekly meetings, and information on what your WCGA Executive Council is doing for you.

  • Prof. Of Christian Ethics at Yale University, Jennifer Herdt is a guest speaker at the 2012 Orr Forum titled "Ethical Formation in a Post-Secular Age"

    Herdt Challenges How Freedom and Virtue Exist Together at Orr Forum

    A woman with curly brown hair sat on a chair in the Harry R. Brooks Complex for Science, Mathematics and Technology's auditorium. Her purple jacket and scarf matched well and looked cozy. Her dark brown eyes focused on her book. She raised her frameless eyeglasses. She seemed to be reading a serious journal. She looked like the perfect image of a college professor. Who is she?

  • Monica Lyons '13 explains her thesis titled "The Metal Absorption in Ulothrix Zonata" during the poster session

    Students Show Their Effort and Passion During Student Research Day

    The college celebrated its third annual Student Research Day on Fri, April 27. Thirty three seniors presented their undergraduate research work in the Harry R Brooks Complex for Science, Mathematics and Technology. Nineteen students participated in poster sessions.

  • Ecological Perspectives Class, from L to R: Asst. Prof. of Environmental Studies, Edward Wells; Katie Reip '12; Davison Mayer '12; Lois Collingwood '12; Amanda Kegerreis '12; Alicia Mills '12

    Seniors Tackle Local Ecological Issues for Projects to Improve Chesapeake Bay

    With the coming of spring, students enjoy the Conococheague Creek for leisure activities. But, they also litter without realizing the far-reaching, ecological impact of their actions on the Chesapeake Bay. Asst. Prof. of Environmental Studies, Edward Wells challenges his Ecological Perspectives class to think locally as they develop semester-long, senior projects to improve the Bay’s declining health.

  • The Daisy Chain is a traditional event at Wilson, which means good luck

    Administration Eliminates a Long-led Tradition without Students' Input

    Students will have only two days before commencement to prepare for the traditional Daisy Chain and Senior Bash, since campus administrators pushed the academic calendar back by a week for 2012-13 semester.

  • Tutors Handbook

    Tutors Find Gratification in Working to Improve Children's Education

    On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:45pm and 5:15pm our quiet campus gets much livelier with the voices of young children coming to campus to earn their education.

  • Pres. Mistick outlines next year’s Strategic Plan

    All College Forum Reveals Plans for Increasing Enrollment, Introduces New Data System

    President Barbara Mistick revealed that the college’s enrollment target is set at 1,000 students. Mistick announced this target at this year’s All College Forum on Tues, Mar. 6 in Brooks Auditorium.

  • Healthcare may be a possible new major

    Dean Charges Faculty with Increased Enrollment Effort

    Administrative efforts are underway to get students through college more efficiently, increase enrollment and rethink coursework. Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, Mary Hendrickson placed a charge to all academic departments that would modify coursework and reconfigure departments.

  • Technology fees rise to keep up with the cost of materials like paper and printers

    A Struggling Economy Forces Student Fees to Rise as Tuition Remains Constant

    The Board of Trustees approved a 1.2 percent hike in fees and voted to maintain the tuition for next year at the 2011-2012 rate of $28,745. The increment amounts to $458.00, paid by full-time, residential students for the next academic year. The Board made the decision upon the recommendation of Pres. Barbara K. Mistick.

  • Supriya Thapa 14, Neena Gurung '15, and Kisha Pradhan '15 ended their performance in a pose

    Muhibbah Sampler and Dinner at Risk, Must Plan for Future

    Every year the Muhibbah club has a sampler of international desserts and a dinner with international fare, along with entertainment, but this may change next year. The Muhibbah club is at risk for not being able to pay for the cost of the dessert sampler and dinner for 2012-2013 year.

  • Kelsy Peterson '14 jumps her horse Gracie during supervised lessons

    Equestrian Riders’ Unsupervised Jumping Now Restricted

    A new Penn Hall Equestrian Center riding policy is affects equestrian students and their ability to ride their horses and practice their riding technique outside of formal lessons.

  • Students wait outside of Sarah's Coffeehouse for the Shopping Shuttle to arrive

    Unpredictable Shuttle Service Compels Students Speak up for Schedule Improvement

    Every Friday from 5:15pm-10:00pm, the school offers shuttle service for shopping. The shuttle works a continuous loop between Wilson and the nearby shopping locations. However, students have suggested that the shuttle is not timely and is somewhat unpredictable. Students have also reported waiting for over two hours for the shuttle. Students who use the service demand improvement.

  • RAs hold weekly meeting to discuss campus affairs that impact the students they care for

    Resident Assistants Choose to Serve for Meaningful Experience

    The Residence Life Program is recruiting new 2012-13 Residence Assistance (RA) staff, and students have shown an interest in the duties and benefits of holding the RA job title. RAs work not only for monetary compensation, but also for the meaningful professional experience.

  • Students would like to see more common areas like this one in the new library

    Murray Assoc. Chosen for Library, Student Opinion Welcomed

    Earlier this month, an ad hoc library committee chose the architect, Murray Associates, P.C. for the John Stewart Memorial Library project. The committee formed specifically to select an architect with experience to maintain the integrity and character of the original building, while addressing modern library needs.

  • Spike Lee speaks candidly about poverty and race in America

    Spike Lee Questions U.S. as a Post-Racial Nation

    In a black T-shirt and jeans, director Spike Lee quietly took the stage on Thurs, Feb. 16 to speak on topic of "The Cultural Diversity in America" in celebration of Black History Month. The Diversity Team, Advisor Cindy Shoemaker, and Chaplain Rosie Magee traveled to listen to Lee as he pointed out that the majority of African-Americans still experience economic poverty.

  • Students and faculty at the Holocaust Museum in D.C., listed from L to R: Amanda Kenney ‘14; Brandy Holtzapple ‘13; Briana Doscher ‘12; Prof. John Elia; Tammy Clark ‘12; Amanda Clark ‘14; Prof. David True; guest, Barbera Bush ‘13; Lilia George ‘14

    Holocaust Museum Visit Tests the Concept of “Happiness”

    Four floors of photographs, memoirs and artwork tell the stories of the estimated 14,000,000 people murdered during the Holocaust in the mid-twentieth century. Located in Washington, D.C., the Holocaust Memorial Museum is home to the artifacts that tell the story of this European genocide. Eight students and two professors visited the Holocaust Museum on Weds, Feb. 15. Asst. Prof. of Religion, David True and Asst. Prof. of Philosophy, John Elia coordinated the trip as part of their "Happiness" course.

  • Virginia Anderson-Stojanovic on site during an archaeological dig

    Farewell and Special Thanks to Two Retiring Professors After Many Years of Service

    Following a tenure of nearly 65 years combined in service to the college, Prof. of Classics and Fine Arts, Virginia Anderson-Stojanovic and Prof. of Psychology, Beverly Ayers-Nachamkin will retire in order to continue to pursue creative and scholarly interests.

  • Walking on campus during the day can feel like a safe and enjoyable

    Tour Sheds Light on Potential Safety Issues and Forthcoming Improvements

    On the foggy, drizzly evening of Tues, Dec. 6, Director of Physical Plant, Jack Kelly and Director of Residence Life, Sherri Sadowski held a lighting tour around the Wilson College campus.

  • ADT students pose at James Madison University. L to R: Brinita Ricks'12, Anush Petrosyan '14, Neena Gurung '15, Ayorkor Dua '14, Kisha Pradhan '15, Supriya Thapa '14,Kotchaphorn Magkalaphiban '15, Yuhan You '14, Ovsanna Movsesyan '12

    ADT Debunks Misconceptions of Women’s Future in Mathematics

    Women hate math, true or not? The Alpha Delta Theta (ADT) math club turned heads as the biggest number of women participated at the James Madison University conference in 2011. During Friday’s event, nine members of the ADT, the biggest in Wilson participating history, joined advisor Dr. Karen Adams, to attend the SUMS conference.

  • Jay Pfeiffer starts workshop with the question, How much information do you put on Facebook?

    Facebook Poses a Possible Threat to Careless Students in the Job Market

    Did you upload your photo on your Facebook today? Did you update your status as, "My psychology class is awful?" Are you a bad mouth on Facebook? If you answered "yes," then you needed the workshop Failbook. Director of Career Development, Jay Pfeiffer, held the workshop, Failbook, on Tue, Nov. 29 and Thurs, Dec. 1.

  • Dr. Ted Smith speaks to students and faculty on the topic of divine violence

    Dr. Ted Smith Retrieves Divine Violence as a Topic in Christian Ethics

    On Mon, Oct. 17, Dr. Ted Smith presented a guest lecture on "The Spirit of John Brown: Retrieving Diving Violence as a Topic in Christian Ethics." Smith, Asst. Prof of Ethics of Society at Vanderbilt University is the author of The New Measures: A Theological History of Democratic Practice. Smith's work seeks to "reconfigure ethics, as part of a larger, broader understanding, as a culture and as human beings. Ted does social ethics… with the stuff of everyday life," says David True, Assoc. Prof of Religion and History.

  • Unprepared students are often discouraged by poor test grades

    High School Graduates Fight to Keep Up with Rigorous College Demand

    The lack of high school student preparedness for college is a complication affecting nearly every college across the country. Remedial programs have been implemented in many community and four-year colleges as an attempt to prepare incoming college students. Many institutions see this growing trend as a sign that many students are not ready for, or capable of, college-level work.

  • Humanities Launches a New Master’s Program

    In July, the Middle States Commission approved Wilson’s new Master of Arts degree in Humanities. Wilson will begin taking applications as early as Nov. 2011 and will begin enrolling students in the program during the fall 2012 semester.

  • Students Speak Up About Technology Updates for Disert Hall

    Computers in the dorm room halls run slower than the recently upgraded computers on other parts of campus. Among those, the library’s computers are the fastest on campus. Besides inequity among functionality of campus computers, working printers are also in high demand this semester.

  • International Studies Group Educates the Community on Global Issues

  • Lortz Hall, which houses the Fine Arts Department

    Academic Calendar Brings Adjustments for Spring Registration Day

    The first Monday of the semester, Registration Day, is a day where students can take care of administrative tasks such as going to the Financial Aid Office or the Business Offices. Students had the opportunity to speak with faculty advisors, academic administrators, current students and other new students. Students could also obtain housing information, buy their books and pick up their I.D. cards. However, on Sat, Oct. 22 the Office of the Registrar sent out an all-campus email describing changes to the academic calendar for 2011-17. The most immediate change is that classes will begin at 8:00am on Mon, Jan. 23, 2012 instead of at 6:00pm.

  • Mistick greets guests following the inauguration ceremonies

    Campus and Community Welcome Dr. Mistick as 19th President

    Former alumnae, current students and an estimated 400 people attended the three-day installation ceremony of Dr. Mistick, that followed in the footsteps of retirement of former president, Lorna D. Edmundson.

  • Dr. Mistick enjoys

    Mistick Maintains Positive Outlook Despite Economic Challenges

    Dr. Barbara K. Mistick began her tenure in late July. Her time on campus began with major renovations and the relocation of the John Stewart Memorial Library. In addition, Mistick faces the challenges of a failing economy and declining enrollment in the College for Women.

  • Stable Manager, Elizabeth Leary and her daughter Mackenzie

    Leary Brings Both Veterinary and Equestrian Experience to Stables

    This fall Elizabeth Leary joined the campus as the new stable manager. Leary previously managed large barns and breeding operations, worked as an instructor and trainer, was the captain of her college hunt seat team, and worked as a veterinarian technician.

  • Screen shot of new website

    Communications Department Launches Fresh and Engaging Website

    On Fri, Aug. 5, the Communications Department proudly launched the new and improved Wilson College website. The website increases the college’s ability to inform its audience, engage current and potential students and connect users.

  • Byers explains energy law at the second Franklin Renewable Energy Group

    Renewable Energy Group Educates Community for a “Greener” Pennsylvania

    On Mon, Aug. 15, Wilson College’s Fulton Center for Sustainable Living hosted the first meeting of the Franklin Renewable Energy Group (FRE).

  • A 24-hour technology lab is now available in the Women’s Studies Lounge

    Library Temporarily Closed and Relocated to Lenfest Commons

    This fall students will not have the college experience of spending late nights at the library writing their papers alongside the stacks of books at the John Stewart Memorial Library. This is because the library is temporarily closed and has relocated to Sarah’s Coffeehouse in Lenfest Commons.

  • WCGA Opens Office for Clubs' Use, Considers Ideas for Temporary Mini-Student Union

    Besides continuing with its office hours and Pizza Talks, WCGA continues to look for ways to reach out to the student body. Students can go see a member of the Board during the WCGA Executive Board office Hours with any question or idea they may have.

  • Piecemeal Work to Fix Damage

    Library Welcomes Renovations to Heating System After Years of Extensive Damage

    The John Stewart Memorial Library at Wilson College expects to begin a heating system renovation this summer.

  • Prof. Delesalle presents a lecture titled “Sex and the Single Flower: Sex Allocation Patterns in the Genus Clarkia (Ongraceae)"

    Gettysburg Biology Professor Delesalle Discusses Flower Sex Allocation

    On Tues, Feb. 22, Prof. Véronique Delesalle came to Wilson and gave a lecture in the Smith Auditorium.

  • WCGA Establishes Tradition of Office Hours

    Beginning in the spring semester of this academic year the Wilson College Government Association (WCGA) implemented office hours. WCGA Improves Accessibility "Office hours are a way for the executive council to become more accessible and visible to campus," explains WCGA President Stephanie Bachman ‘12.

  • Streets of London

    New Course "Reformation in Britain" Added for J-Term 2012

    Wilson College will offer "The Reformation in Britain," a J-Term course that will run in 2012, from Jan. 3-22. It consists of learning inside and outside the classroom.

    The course is a historical study of religious reformations that agitated England and Scotland in the sixteenth century. Chaplain Magee will instruct the class along with various guest speakers.

  • Hazel Henderson, 2011 Commencement Speaker

    Commencement Speaker Hazel Henderson to Demonstrate Wilson's Mission of Liberal Arts

    Recently Wilson publicized this year's Commencement Speaker at the All-College Forum. Hazel Henderson, a world-renowned author, television producer and economic futurist, will earn an honorary degree and give the commencement speech. Henderson's lengthy career in media Henderson, who is now 76-years-old, is the founder of Ethical Markets Media, LLC and the creator and co-executive producer of its TV series, according to her website.

  • Banners like this one from the Women's Studies Lounge went missing in recent weeks

    Multiple Thefts on Campus Disregard Wilson’s Honor Principle

    Two banners disappeared from the Wilson College Women's Studies Lounge. The banners were missing before Thurs, Feb. 10. Even though the Women's Studies Lounge banner was returned, the Children's Corner banner is still missing. Moreover, a few weeks ago, 200 lollipops were stolen from the Academic Support Center (ASC).

  • Residential Life Plans Exciting Programs for Spring Semester

    Residential Life (ResLife) will host a series of events this semester. Sherri Ihle-Sadowski, Director of Residence Life, says the ResLife staff is excited to announce the upcoming events and hopes Wilson residents participate. On Fri, Feb. 18, ResLife will provide shuttles to transfer students to Shippensburg University to watch The Vagina Monologues.

  • WCGA Announces Upcoming Events

    It is a new semester and WCGA will finish the 2010-2011 academic year strongly. WCGA would first like to thank all of the students who participated in the meals with the final four presidential candidates. Your time and comments meant a great deal to the search committee members.

  • Wilson Students Help Clean Up the Mess in Lenfest Commons from the Fire Drill Malfunction

    Fire Alarm Sprinkler System Failure Floods Lenfest Commons

    On Thurs, Feb. 10, during the regularly scheduled fire drill, the fire sprinkler system activated, releasing water on the ground floor and first floors of Lenfest Commons.

  • Photo by Xiaomeng Li

    CAB Prepares for Fun Semester

    At the beginning of each new semester, students look forward to hearing the activities that will be on campus during the coming weeks.

  • Photo courtesy of Renee Payne

    Payne Advises Graduate Students as Career Development Volunteer

    In mid-September, Renee Payne began working as Wilson's Career Development Volunteer. She started presenting on-campus workshops, but now she also advises potential graduate school students. Angela Lynch, Director of Career Development says, "Renee is a tremendous resource. Having someone of her caliber giving us her commitment and time is a great service to students."

  • Photo by Laura B. Hans

    New OSA Internships Focus on Leadership and Personal Development

    This fall the Office of Student Activities (OSA), lead by the Assistant Dean of Students, Jared Halter, established three new internship positions. Becky Harrison '12 holds the Programming and Marketing Intern position, Alaina Hofer '11 holds the Orientation and Marketing Intern position and Amanda Day '12 holds the Leadership Development Intern position. Halter says, "These internships were founded because movement isn't easy to find on campus. These internships generate that and help build within."

  • Photo by Alyse Lynch

    Stabler Foundation Awards Wilson $1 million for Scholarships

    Wilson College recently received a $1,000,000 grant from the Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation. Awarded on Dec. 21, this grant will assist students financially.

  • Photo by Matthew R. McLaughlin

    Presidential Search Committee and Students Welcome Candidates

    From Jan. 26 to 31, Wilson College welcomed the four final presidential candidates. Members from the Wilson community interacted closely with the candidates through a variety of events.

  • Career Development Center Provides Students with Steps Towards Quality Internships

    Gaining job experience before graduating college is an important part of a well-balanced education. Internships are a vital part of gaining job experience, and at Wilson many majors require internships as a graduation criteria. The application process for internships may seem confusing to students. However, the Career Development Center at Wilson offers their services to guide students through this process.

  • JSM Library Selects New Databases after Trial Run at Wilson

    The John Stewart Memorial Library has several new databases on trial for the Wilson community to use. These databases are the Gender Studies Database, Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources (GREENR), Professional Development Collection, Science in Context, Science Direct and Women's Studies International.

  • Animal Loving Students Tour Wilson During Open House

    Eighty-five potential students visited campus Sat, Nov. 13 for the fifth Open House for Equestrian and Veterinary Studies.

  • Equestrian Students May Now Study at Hartpury College, UK

    Malcolm Wharton, Principal and Dean of Hartpury College, visited Wilson College recently to advertise his school's study abroad program.

  • Map courtesy of

    Members of Women With Children Program Prepare to Study in Costa Rica

    This summer, thanks to a grant from the Heinz Foundation, Wilson students and their children can participate in a study abroad opportunity in Costa Rica. The study abroad curriculum is currently in the pilot program stage. Two courses are planned for the occasion. The first is an intermediate level Spanish course titled "In Other Words, In Other Worlds: ‘Languages and Culture in Costa Rica.'" The second is an environmental studies course titled "Costa Rica: Perspectives on Sustainability." According to the New Economics Foundation, "Costa Rica ranks first in the Happy Planet Index and is the ‘greenest' country in the world." Therefore, it is an extremely appropriate place to study sustainability practices.

  • All-College Forum Announces College's Financial Position

    On Thurs, Nov. 11, at the Harry R. Brooks Complex for Science, Mathematics and Technology, President Lorna Duphiney Edmundson announced Wilson College's financial position during the All-College Forum.

  • ADT Club Fundraisers Raise Money, Generate Interest in Math

    Wilson's Alpha Delta Theta Club (ADT) is busy this semester raising money and dividing square roots in the hopes of promoting math here at Wilson.

  • Adrienne Mitchell '11 prepares for her course

    Halloween Hunter Jumper Show Welcomes Community

    Wilson College Equestrian Center hosted its annual Halloween Hunter Jumper schooling show Sun, Oct. 31. The equestrian center held the show in the Hawthorne Arena. Warm up began at 8:00am and the first class began at 9:00am.

  • Broken footbridge has needed repair since 2008

    No Plans for a New Footbridge in the Near Future

    In the Rosenkrans parking lot, an old cement ramp leads to piping that runs over the Conococheague Creek to the Penn Hall Equestrian Center. Several years ago, a bridge connected the back of main campus to the Penn Hall Equestrian Center at this exact spot. The bridge sat over the top of the piping.

  • Wilson Students Investigate Diverse Ecosystems in Belize Over J-Term

    Asst. Prof. Laura Altfeld and Assoc. Prof. Bradley Engle, both of Biology, will travel to Belize for January term. Twelve students will join them.

  • Middle States Lifts Accreditation Warning

    As of Oct. 1, Wilson is in compliance with the Middle States Commission of Higher Education's standards for accreditation. In September, the Middle States team visited the Wilson College campus and warned the college that its accreditation was in jeopardy. Two of our 14 standards were not in compliance.

  • Photo courtesy of Laura B. Hans

    Wilson Awards English Department with Grant for Micro-Courses

    This October, twelve faculty members submitted proposals for Strategic Innovation Grants (SIG). President Lorna Duphiney Edmundson explains these grants were proposed for "academic program improvement, new academic program development, or new academic program formats that had a high potential for increasing enrollment and were in keeping with the Strategic Plan."

  • Back row: Elta Clarke, Connie Goodwin, Leah Adam, Brie-Anne Asbury, Adj. Prof. of Arabic and Chinese Heefner- Front Row: kneeling Catherine Green, Hayley Glass, and Chrissy Schick

    Heefner Brings East and West Together in Language Program

    "We're all kind of pioneers here," says Reginald Heefner, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Arabic and Chinese and a student of the Teacher Intern Program (TIP) at Wilson College. This is because for the first time in Wilson's history, a course in conversational Arabic is being held.

  • Campus Facilities Get Makeover

    Prentis Hall Gets Renovation After Building Flood

    This fall the Prentis Hall Lounge received a makeover. Prentis Hall is the dorm for the Women With Children program.

  • Local Organizations Lead Way to Environmental Careers

    On Thurs, Oct. 14, the Career Development Center and Environmental Studies Department hosted Environmental Career Day in the Harry R. Brooks Complex for Science, Mathematics and Technology. The event provided networking opportunities with community partners for both Wilson students and Chambersburg residents.

  • Prof. Gelman, Prof. Ackerman, Prof. Shillock, and Asst. Prof. Dorsten Discuss Graduate School Preparation

    Wilson Prepares Students for Graduate School Careers

    On Monday, Oct. 4, Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar Rochel Gelman from Rutgers University, together with Prof. Larry Shillock, Prof. Kay Ackerman and Prof. Aimee-Marie Dorsten, had a panel session discussing graduate school plans with interested students.

  • Rutgers Prof. of Psychology Rochel Gelman Brings Experience to Wilson

    Rutgers University Psychology Professor Visits Wilson

    Rochel Gelman, Professor of Psychology and Co-Director of the Center for Cognitive Science at Rutgers University, visited Wilson from Oct. 4 to 5 as a Phi Beta Kappa (PBK) Visiting Scholar.

  • Susan Clark-Sestak Takes Questions from the Audience

    Clark-Sestak Calls Wilson to Vote

    Six months after her husband spoke at Wilson, Susan Clark-Sestak, wife of Congressman Joe Sestak's, also came to campus and canvassed for her husband in the upcoming mid-term election. Democrat Joe Sestak, a congressman representing Pennsylvania's Seventh Congressional District, currently runs against Republican Pat Toomey for a seat in the U.S. Senate.

  • Photo courtesy of Tom Corbett for Governor

    Corbett Takes Oath as Pennsylvania Republicans Ride to Victory

    On Jan. 18, 2011, Tom Corbett will take the oath of office as Pennsylvania's 46th governor. His running mate, Jim Cawley former Buck's County Commissioner, will be sworn in as Lt. Governor. Republican Corbett was Pennsylvania's state attorney general prior to his victory in the governor's race over Democrat candidate Dan Onorato.

  • Wilson students enjoying refreshments at the Science Center Kiosk

    Science Center Kiosk Opens

    After a long wait, the Science Center's kiosk is open for business. It is located in the front lobby of the complex.

  • Ashley Overdorff '12 and Amanda Mace '12 commit to a healthy lifestyle

    Wilson Wellness Program Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

    The Wilson Wellness Committee formed after a suggestion from President Edmundson. Committee members include representatives from the Athletics Department, Human Resources, and the Wellness Center. The campus-wide initiative promotes health and wellness, develops educational sessions, and provides numerous opportunities for learning new healthful habits to incorporate into daily life.

  • Conochocheague Yearbook Galvanized with New Energy

    Every year the staff members of the Conococheague Yearbook decide on a theme for the upcoming year. This year, Yearbook chose a theme close to Wilson's heart: the new logo.

  • Two Romantic Mares Join Wilson College's Equestrian Program in 2010

    The Penn Hall Equestrian Center of Wilson College received two Andalusian mares this summer. The equine sisters join the riding program as school horses for the use of the riding students in their biweekly lessons.

  • Work-Study Program Generates Confusion With Returning Students

    The work-study issue became a heated topic upon the beginning of the new academic year. Only 140 returning students received work-study award this year even though a total number of 216 full-time, undergraduate students applied. Many students did not know they hadn't received work-study until they returned to school in the fall.

  • Wilson College Fencing Club Plans Competitive Year

    The Wilson College Fencing Club hopes to hold a fencing tournament during the Spring '11 semester. This tournament would feature multiple fencing clubs from nearby universities such as Millersville and Gettysburg.

  • WWC Evacuate Prentis Hall

    Some people have concerns about Wilson's ability to come together as a community. Their concerns can now be put to rest. When water pipes burst in Prentis Hall on Sunday, June 6, the Wilson community came together. Around 6:00am a clean water laundry room pipe burst in Prentis Hall and forced all of its residents to evacuate and caused the childcare center in the bottom of Prentis to close for several days.

  • Graph courtesy of The Education Trust

    Surveys Hint at Low Retention Rate at Wilson

    It is a warm sunny day in May and a group of people gather out on the campus green for graduation day at Wilson. In many ways, this scene appears like a graduation at any college: proud parents pose with their daughters, and professors look on with satisfaction at the accomplishments of their graduates.

  • Event Participation Starts and Ends with Students

    A young woman stands in front of an empty floor. Off to the sides there are six, maybe seven people politely listening to her sing after a handful of students already left. Though they occupy the space these students are talking to one another and not giving her their full attention. Her soulful wails echo off walls and fall on deaf ears, she could just leave, yet she sings on for the small group of listeners. This was the scene at the recent Wilson College Spring Fling which begs the question, where is the student participation?

  • Students Survey about Theft on Campus

    Campus Thefts Reflect Poorly on Honor Principle

    A recent series of campus thefts compromises the integrity of the Wilson College Honor Principle. The epidemic of stolen items has left the campus littered with flyers and emails requesting the return of long lost property.

  • Wilson Offers Two New Additional Foreign Languages in Fall ‘10

    Students who want to learn Arabic or Chinese are in luck. They can now take these classes along with a new French class,"Francophone Women Writers in Translation." This is the first time Wilson will offer classes in Arabic and Chinese and it is the first time that Prof. Melanie Gregg, Assoc. Prof. of French and Chair of Foreign Languages Department, offered this class in translation.

  • Wilson 140th Commencement Gears Up, Features Animal Behavior Scientist Temple Grandin

    Wilson College Commencement Weekend is in its 140th year of the tradition on Thurs, May 20 to Sun, May 23.

  • Prof. Kouadio Becomes the First in His African Community to Earn PhD

    Asst. Prof. of International Studies, Bertin Kouadio, earned chance to complete PhD in U.S. while his home in the Cote d'Ivoire struggles politically.

  • Former U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John Evans discusses “The Armenian Question”

    Former Ambassador to Armenia Speaks at Wilson

    Former U.S. Ambassador to Armenia John Evans gave a speech "The Armenian Question" at Wilson on April 20. His speech focused on the historical incident which is still an ongoing controversy of the Armenian Genocide.

  • Former diplomat, Pamela Kiehl stands ready for questions posed by the Wilson audience

    Former Diplomacy Experts Foreground Communication as Essential to U.S. Foreign Policy

    Addressing the issues of US foreign policy and diplomacy on Weds, April 6 2010, retired diplomats Pamela and William P. Kiehl came to Wilson to talk about diplomacy and the US foreign policy. In fact, Pamela is a Wilson alumnae and William was a diplomat for many years before retiring.

  • Sestak campaigns at Wilson

    Joe Sestak Barnstorms Wilson College During Pa. Pre-Midterm Elections

    Congressman Joe Sestak gave a public speech at Wilson College Science Center Auditorium on April 1. Sestak bids for a seat in the Senate as a Democrat in the upcoming mid-term elections. Wilson Political Science Department "The mayor of Chambersburg, Pete Lagiovane, was hosting Congressman Sestak for various events around town.

  • Despite equine injuries, Wilson Equestrian Center stays course

    Despite nine horses injured in one week, the Hunt Seat Show and Jeremy Beale Dressage Clinic at the Equestrian Center continue continued as scheduled in mid-April. Jeremy Beale is a U.S. Dressage Federation (USDF) gold medalist and former international and Olympic event rider for Great Britain.

  • 4-H rule changes impact Franklin county member plans

    The Pennsylvania 4-H rule changes for 2010 will cause its members to change riding strategies because of new class divisions and helmet laws now required of those who participate in equestrian competitions. The most controversial of the new division rules is that each rider may choose only one competition category.

  • Club Account Thumb Drives Returned at Last

    Each club has also been informed that it must reckon its accounts and provide documentation by May 14. Clubs not following this requirement will be fined $50.00.


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