• May: Letter from the Editor

    Please join me in extending a warm welcome to the new Editor-in-Chief Lesley Eichelberger!

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    April: Letter to the Editor

    The Franklin County Friends of Legal Services would like to thank the many businesses and offices that served as donation sites for the book drive for our 29th Annual Book Sale, and all the people who donated such wonderful books.

  • L-R: Apprentice Editor Lesley Eichelberger and Editor-in-Chief Caileigh Oliver

    March: Letter from the Editor

    Say "Hello" to the new Billboard.

  • February: Letter to the Editor

    I am disappointed that I was told by an administrator that the decision has "nothing to do with the merits of a women's college." While I realize that we are in a difficult position, financially, we are an educational institution and that should hold some weight.

  • December Editorial: Students are Individuals, Not Just Another Number

    This past semester has been an emotional, and sometimes even a charged experience. The issue of making drastic changes to the college in order for it to survive is a difficult one, especially when it involves the issue of admitting men as residential students. The community has been split in their opinions on the issue, some for admitting men and others against. Some say they just want the college to stay open, and other students have protested because they believe their voices have not been heard.

  • Statement Made at the Nov. 1 Open Campus Meeting

    I want to start off by thanking the commission for the time and effort that they have dedicated to this process and the recommendations that they have made. I know that it probably has not been an easy task, and that you are under a lot of pressure. I understand that for Wilson to successfully achieve financial stability it is necessary for there to be changes. These changes should reflect our mission, and our purpose.

  • Student Declaration of Rights

    We, the students, declare that our student body is rightfully entitled to a safe, educational, and empowering life during our time spent here at Wilson College.

  • November Editorial: Is the Next “Year of the Woman” Upon Us?

    After the national election in 1992, headlines declared that it was the “Year of the Woman.” A record-breaking number of women had been elected to the United States Senate, meaning women held six of the 100 available. Even more impressive, 47 of the 106 women running for seats in the US House of Representatives won their elections—24 of them winning for the first time—meaning women held nearly 11-percent of the 435 voting positions in the House.

  • October Editorial: Disconnect Between Current Students and Alumnae

    On Wed, Oct. 17, over 50 Wilson alumnae flooded campus to attend the Commission on Shaping the Future of Wilson College meetings. With encouragement from the Facebook group “Wild Wilson Women – Taking on the Cause,” the alumnae came to the meetings with numerous ideas and ways the college can continue to thrive, many made with the hope of helping the college avoid going co-ed.

  • September Editorial: 2012: The Year to Speak Up and Make Your Voice Heard

     2012 is a big year. Turn on the news, and the discussion is probably about some aspect of the presidential race between Democrat President Barack Obama and Republican Nominee Mitt Romney – ranging from their positions on the big issues to what they were wearing last night. Not all of it is big and life changing, but it all contributes to the discussion about a major event that will affect the lives of every American.

  • September: Letter to the Editor

    “Histories of Lives are seldom entertaining, unless they contain something either admirable or exemplar” -Benjamin Franklin

  • Graduates of 2012 embark on a new journey in the work force or graduate school

    May Editorial: Graduation Welcomes Students to the Real World

    1,461 days, 208 weeks, 48 months or more simply said as four years. That is about the amount of time the average undergraduate spends completing their bachelor’s degree. It is also close to the amount of time a majority of the 2012 senior class spent at Wilson. Some of us may be staying a bit longer or may even wrap up sooner than anticipated.

  • Social media amplified the profile of the KONY 2012 film and its ability to influence politics

    March Editorial: KONY 2012 Secures Social Media for Global Activism

    The Invisible Children’s "Kony 2012" campaign secured the legitimacy of social media as a tool for global social engagement. On Wed, March 7 their film went viral. In a March 12 article on Mashable.com, by Todd Wasserman, it was reported that the Kony 2012 film had more than 100 million views in six days, making it "the most viral video in history."

  • Shippensburg University offers students a vending machine carrying prophylactics and the "Plan B" pill

    February Editorial: Federal Birth Control Mandate a Victory for Women's Rights

    Controversy recently sparked over the Obama administration mandate that requires employers to cover the cost of birth control for their female employees. Catholic institutions across the nation immediately resisted the mandate, calling for changes that would relieve the religious establishments from responsibility for the distribution of birth control, which they argue violates their religious and moral ethics.

  • Some students may be too scared or ashamed to confront their harasser

    December Editorial: PSU Scandal Raises Questions About Sexual Harassment Policies

    Recent events at Pennsylvania State University (PSU) have caused uproar and public outcry. Assistant football coach of PSU, Jerry Sandusky, is accused of inappropriately contacting or sexually assaulting at least eight underage boys on university property.

  • October Editorial: Facebook Spark Controversy Over Lack of Privacy

    It is no secret that Facebook is the most popular form of media today, but it is not all about just keeping in touch with old friends. The September, Facebook, once again, made changes to the main Homepage layout. Now, user's actions, which were previously displayed on their "wall", are not shown through a live stream on the stop right corner of the website's homepage.

  • If SOPA and E-PARASITE are enforced, it will kill net neutrality

    November Editorial: "Great Firewall" Leads to Stricter Internet Censorship

    Get ready for big changes on the Internet, if the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Enforcing and Protecting American Rights Against Sites Intent on Theft and Exploitation Act (E-PARASITE) are enforced.

  • September Editorial: Getting the Most Out of a Great School at a Great Price

    During Convocation, President Mistick announced that the U.S. News & World Report 2012 “America’s Best Colleges” issue, categorized Wilson College as a “Great Schools, Great Prices” college, ranking fifth in the north and eleventh overall in the Best Regional Colleges Focused on Undergraduate Education category. This title may not initially appear important to you, as you are already accepted or employed at Wilson, but the implications of attending a ‘great school’ at a ‘great price’ are invaluable

  • March Editorial: Japan's Disaster Provokes a Re-Examination of Wilson's Emergency Prevention Strategy

    Recently, it seems that the planet Earth is not so happy. It is only March, but the world has already had countless disasters. Many of them have been earthquakes. According to United States Geological Survey (USGS), 18 significant earthquakes happened since the first day of 2011, affecting countries such as Argentina, Chile, New Zealand, Pakistan, China and most recently, Japan.

  • February Editorial: Egyptians Teach Empowerment, Wilson Finds It As Well

    "Harraka," or "the burners," according to a CNN report, are North African men and women who enter Europe illegally. They burn their passports and documents upon arrival to avoid being sent back to their oppressive homes. One man, Muhammad Al Bouazizi, found his own form of "harraka." On Dec. 17, 2010, Al Bouazizi set himself on fire outside of Tunisia's government building. In the CNN report, "How a fruit seller caused revolution in Tunisia," explains that Al Bouazizi, an educated man, could not find employment, so he opened a fruit stand. The area's military shut down his stand, saying that he did not have the proper documentation to run the stand. Tunisia citizens reacted to the oppression of Al Bouazizi and his death with demonstrations and protests against the oppressive system they were living under. On Jan. 4, pressure from the demonstrators forced Tunisia President Zine Al Abidine Ben Ali to flee to Saudi Arabia.

  • A passenger's body images on a full-body scanner screen

    Editorial: December 10, 2010

    TSA’s Full-Body Scanner and Pat-Downs Raise Controversy Among Travelers

  • Editorial: November 19, 2010

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…or not

  • Special Letter to the Editor

    From the President to the Wilson Campus

  • Editorial: September 24, 2010

    Wilson Battles Society's Misunderstanding, Fear and Hatred

  • Editorial: October 22, 2010

    Rise of Social Media Technology Should Not Cause Cruelty

  • Editorial: April 30, 2010

    Fear of the Other Must be Addressed at Wilson

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