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Board of Trustees Postpones Vote on Future of College

Byline: by Lauren Kershner

Posted: December 10, 2012

The 30 member Board of Trustees met on Fri, Nov. 30 and Sat, Dec. 1. They were meeting to vote on the proposals presented by President Dr. Barbara Mistick; these materials are aimed at providing a stable financial future for Wilson.

“The Board was given a lot to think about,” said Mistick. “This whole process has been very fast – the commission ended in November, gave me materials to look over and I gave materials to the board shortly before Thanksgiving.”

The board decided unanimously to postpone the vote until Jan. 13, 2013. This decision was made in order to give the Trustees more time to examine the options presented to them. “There were no votes made today,” said John Gibb, Chair of the Board of Trustees.

The recommendations that were given include reducing tuition, initiating a student debt buyback program, and strengthening existing majors while adding new academic programs.

“The programs will continue to be evaluated and this postponement of a decision from them will not hinder the effect of any implementation of possible new programs for the fall semester,” said Mistick.

Making improvements in facilities and the admittance of traditional undergraduate residential male students were also in the proposal from the President.

“The board is committed to this college and we want to make the best possible decision for the community,” said Gibb. “The board takes their responsibility very seriously.”

After making the decision to postpone the vote, the next step for the board was to decide when they were going to meet again. They were not willing to wait until the next board meeting which is scheduled for Feb. 1, 2013. Mistick reassured that students will be notified when the vote is made. “When we reconvene at the start of the semester we will hold meetings explaining everything so that students are not left in the dark about anything that has taken place during their absence,” Mistick said.

Students had a mixed reaction to the announcement.

“I am disappointed that the majority of the student population will be off campus. However, I am hopeful that it means that there is hope and that all options are going to be explored,” said Brandy Holtzapple ‘13.

The board received the proposals which were based on data that the Commission on Shaping the Future of Wilson College gathered. The Commission was given the task of developing ideas to promote a sustainable financial future for the college.

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