Textbook Buy Back

Fall Buyback  Dates  

December 9 - December 13,  2013

Mon., Tue., Wed., Fri., 9:00 - 4:15, Thur., 9:00 - 7:00

Closed for lunch from 12:45 - 1:15

College Store Buyback Policy:

We have two buybacks per year for the college. These buybacks are held at the end of the spring and fall semester, during the week of final exams. The amount given is subject to the college store needs— we will buy back books for 1/2 of the purchase price if the book has been ordered by the professor for use during the next semester. If we have met our quota, wholesale value will be given (wholesale value can range from 5% to 25%, which is determined by MBS)

Books that we do not have book orders for or are not used during the next semester will be purchased at their wholesale value.

We also have a daily buyback. These books are purchased only for MBS textbook exchange and are subject to the wholesale value from their database.

Textbook Return Policy

Textbooks purchased at the beginning of each semester may be returned for refund subject to the following conditions:

  • Books must be returned by the end of the first week of classes. After that date your add/drop slip must accompany the sales receipt for full credit.  If an add/drop slip is not shown there will be a 10% restock fee charged 
  • You have 2 days after the add/drop date to return your books. After that date you will receive the buyback price for the book
  • Sales receipt is required for all returns 
  • New books must be free of all markings 

Do not write or mark a book in any way until you are positive you are going to use it! We can not give full credit for books with markings or names in them.