Voices from Spoon River

Thursday, December 5

Time: 4:30 PM
Location: TBA

Speaker: Dick Shoap, Adjunct Instructor in Theater, Wilson College

HUMANITY 2.0? -- The 2013-14 Orr Forum Lecture & Performance Series

The recent work of scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs is raising profound questions about what it means to be human. In the eyes of some, the human species increasingly appears akin to other animals, bound as it were by the limits of nature. Others contend that technology is making it possible to enhance or even control the evolution of our species, raising the question of whether we might soon be able to engineer a new version of humanity. In light of such debates, this year’s Orr Forum has invited scholars from multiple disciplines to offer sketches or glimpses of humanity. The Orr Scholar will address these debates from a religious perspective in conversation with the western moral tradition. We hope you will join the conversation.

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