Parking Regulations

Looking for Student Representatives!

Make your voice heard! Parking Committee still needs a residential student rep and a commuter student rep for the 2014-2015 academic year! We meet the second Tuesday of each month at 9am in Lenfest 106 (exception: October's meeting is 10/15 @ 9am). If you are interested in serving as a student rep, please email!

Vehicle Registration, Permits, & Guest Passes


Vehicle Registration

Any member of the Wilson College community, including students, employees, and others who contract for physical space use (CVSM, Nursing, etc.), who park a vehicle on campus must register their vehicle with Campus Safety immediately upon arrival on campus and obtain a parking permit.

To register a vehicle, you must bring your current driver’s license, insurance, and registration to the Campus Security desk and complete a permit registration form. The owner of the car shall assume all responsibility for personal or property damage and agree to provide at least $25,000 liability insurance.

Anyone registering a vehicle and accepting the appropriate permit is deemed to have knowledge of the Wilson College parking regulations and is responsible for compliance. Unauthorized vehicles are subject to ticketing or towing by the Campus at the owner’s expense for violations. All vehicle operators are responsible for following all posted and published (in print and online) parking policies, including lot designations, space designations, directional markings/signage, and speed limits.

Parking Permit Fees 2014-2015

Residential Student
$165 per academic year
Commuting Student (CFW, ADP, TIP, MEd) $75 per academic year
Wilson College Employees, CVSM, Nursing, and Guests No Charge

Fees subject to change. The fee is not prorated as the semester progresses; it remains the same no matter when a student arrives with a vehicle. Parking permits issued to students must be renewed each academic year. Faculty/Staff are only issued once, generally at the start of employment, although an annual registration confirmation may be requested.

Student workers are not authorized for a staff parking permit. Permits issued to employees are to be used by the employee only – not by their spouses or family members attending classes. A student may not utilize the permit of any faculty or staff member, including his/her immediate family, but rather must register the vehicle designated primarily for student use for a student permit.

Parking permit stickers must be properly displayed at all times while on campus. Permits must be displayed in one of the approved areas:

    • Affixed to the driver’s side rear bumper
    • Affixed to driver’s side rear window
    • Affixed to the rear license plate (pass holders are available in the College bookstore)
    • Motorcycles should affix permit in a conspicuous location on the left side of the vehicle
    • Temporary permits and guest passes must be placed in the front dashboard facing out

The person to whom a parking permit is issued is responsible for parking violation notices issued to the vehicle for which the permit was registered, unless the permit was previously reported lost or stolen. If the vehicle does not display a valid permit and the operator is not known, the ticket will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Theft, Loss, or Removal

All parking permits are the property of Wilson College. Campus community members who depart from the community (i.e. no longer employed or registered in classes or contract programs) must remove their parking permit and return it to Campus Safety.

Upon sale, trade, or other disposition of any vehicle displaying a current parking permit, the owner or custodian of the vehicle shall be responsible for removing the permit and returning it to Campus Safety in exchange for a new permit.

Theft or loss of a permit should be reported immediately to Campus Security. A lost or damaged permit will be replaced at a $10 fee. The fee will be refunded if the original permit or portion indicating the permit number is recovered and returned to Campus Security. A stolen permit may be replaced without charge if there was an incident report filed with Campus Security.

Guest/Visitor Passes

All campus community members are responsible for ensuring their guests are properly registered. Guest passes are available through Campus Security. Vehicle, identification, and length of visit information will be required, as well as the name of the hosting individual or office. Passes must be displayed in front windshield at all times.

Offices with a high volume of visitors will issue and keep track of their own visitor passes. Admissions visitors will be given pink visitor passes and can park in any visitor, conference, or unrestricted lots. Conference guests will have orange passes and can park in any conference or unrestricted lots. CVSM visitors will have maroon passes and can park in Lot H or Lot M.

All other College sponsored guests will have blue passes issued by Campus Security. All other visitors or guests will be issued white passes by Campus Security. Guest passes may be requested in advance by completing the online visitor permit request form. Passes will be generated and delivered through the PO to the host or available for pick up at the Security Desk (requester specifies on form). Individuals issued visitor passes are permitted to park in any visitor or unrestricted parking. They should not however park in any student or faculty/staff lots. Hosts are ultimately responsible for their guest’s behavior at all times, including parking violations.

Temporary Permits

Persons who operate an alternate vehicle when a registered vehicle is temporarily not available, may pick up a temporary permit at the Security Desk. Temporary permits will contain the same information as a guest pass as well as specifying permit type (color of pass corresponds to permit type). A temporary permit allows for the same parking privileges as the registrant’s regular permit and the user is expected to still follow the lot designations. Temporary permit must be displayed in front windshield at all times.

If there are circumstances warranting registration of more than one vehicle for an individual community member, those requests must be forwarded to the Parking Committee Chair and Campus Safety Director for review. Vehicle operators are only permitted to have one vehicle on campus at a time.

Students who have not registered a vehicle for the current term are generally not eligible for a temporary permit and are issued only when approved by the Director of Security and the Parking Committee Chair. Temporary permits are generally limited to no more than 5 days.