Parking Regulations

Looking for Student Representatives!

Make your voice heard! Parking Committee still needs a residential student rep and a commuter student rep for the 2014-2015 academic year! We meet the second Tuesday of each month at 9am in Lenfest 106 (exception: October's meeting is 10/15 @ 9am). If you are interested in serving as a student rep, please email!

Parking Violations


All vehicle operators are responsible for following all posted and published (in print and online) parking policies, including lot designations, space designations, directional markings/signage, and speed limits. The speed limit across campus is 15mph.

Violations of the regulations shall be communicated to the vehicle owner operator by issuance of a parking violation citation. Citations are issued by Campus Safety and select other trained staff (Campus Safety work study students, Grounds staff, Equestrian Center staff). Reports of violations should be directed to Campus Safety. Fines for any citation are due and payable upon issuance of the citation. Payment of a fine is to be made at the Business Office in Edgar Hall during normal business hours or by mailing the envelope attached to the ticket. Unpaid fines are subject to being doubled and will continue to increase as long as they remain unpaid. The total fine will be billed to the violator.

Possible violations and their fines include but are not limited to:

No permit/Failure to display permit $10
Handicapped parking violation $50
Restricted Parking/Incorrect Lot $10
Parking in a fire lane $50
Obstructing traffic or creating a parking space $50
Fraudulent, altered or unauthorized permit $15
Snow violation $15
All other parking violations $10
Driving vehicle at unsafe speeds $50
Failure to stop at stop sign $50
Failure to yield to pedestrian in crosswalk $10
Reckless driving $50
One-way street violation $10
All other traffic violations $10

Please note that fines may be doubled with each repeat offense. Wilson College reserves the right to tow, immobilize, issue citations, and revoke parking privileges for any violations of these regulations. The fact that a person may park in violation of these parking regulations and not be issued a citation does not mean that the policy is no longer in effect.

Towing and Revocation

If a permit holder or vehicle receives four citations, paid or unpaid, in one academic year, not including those successfully appealed, Security will place a tire boot on the vehicle. The permit holder must pay any outstanding parking fines as well as a $50 removal charge before the boot will be removed. At five tickets, the tire boot will be placed on the vehicle again with a $100 removal fee and restriction of parking privileges to Hankey Center Lot for the duration of the academic year (or the following if it is the end of spring term). The permit holder will exchange their parking permit for a Hankey Center permit at the time of boot removal. At six citations, the boot will once again be placed on the vehicle with a $100 removal charge and loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year (or the following if it is the end of spring term). The permit holder will be required to return their permit at the time of boot removal. Parking privileges for any permit holder with seven or more paid or unpaid citations in one academic year, not including those successfully appealed, is subject to a $250 fine, possible honor council referral (for students), and/or permanent loss of parking privileges. Vehicle operators who continue to park on campus after losing parking privileges are subject to immediate towing without notice. Payments can only be made at Business Office (Edgar Hall 2ndfloor) during normal business hours. Campus Safety cannot collect monies nor can they remove the boot until payment is made to Business Office.

Any motor vehicle abandoned on college property is subject to removal and impoundment at the expense of the owner or operator. Vehicles that are not currently licensed, not in obvious operating condition, or are out of service for 30 days or more will be considered abandoned and subject to ticketing and removal. Any unregistered vehicle is subject to ticketing and towing at any time. All expenses incurred will be the responsibility of the owner. Wilson College assumes no liability for any damage incurred during or after towing or immobilization.



Appeals must be submitted through the online appeal form within 5 days of issuance of the citation. Appeals are presented anonymously to the Parking Committee at their next monthly meeting. The appellant will be notified of the Committee’s decision by email within 5 business days of the meeting. If the appeal is upheld, any fine moneys paid in connection with the citation will be refunded. Citations already billed (after 5 days of issuance) to student or faculty/staff accounts or directly billed to owner/operator will not be accepted for appeal.

The Parking Committee is comprised of a representative from each of the following groups: residential students, commuter students, administration, business office, academic affairs, admissions office, physical plant, campus safety, disability services, and conferences & special events office. Parking-related questions and concerns can be directed to the Committee Chair at