Parking Regulations

Looking for Student Representatives!

Make your voice heard! Parking Committee still needs a residential student rep and a commuter student rep for the 2014-2015 academic year! We meet the second Tuesday of each month at 9am in Lenfest 106 (exception: October's meeting is 10/15 @ 9am). If you are interested in serving as a student rep, please email!

Accidents and Inoperable Vehicles

Accidents that involve vehicles and that occur on Campus property (where there is an injury, no matter how slight, or the vehicle is inoperable) must be reported immediately to Campus Safety. This is a requirement of the state. Campus Safety must be notified of any vehicle that becomes inoperable for any reason. Hazard lights, road flares or notes on the vehicle are not considered sufficient notice. The operator must stay with the vehicle until a Campus Officer arrives to determine if there is a hazard. If he/she determines the vehicle is a hazard, the operator must arrange to have it removed immediately.

Any vehicle that is determined to be a hazard by Campus Safety is subject to towing. The owner of the vehicle will be responsible for any charges associated with the removal of the vehicle and any ticket subsequently issued.

Please note that there are limitations to what kind of assistance Campus Sercurity can provide; however vehicle operators must still notify Campus Safety any time there is an accident or an inoperable vehicle.

Snow Emergency & Plowing

To keep the campus accessible for safety/emergency vehicles and essential personnel, Physical Plant and Parking Committee have established the following procedures. Physical Plant staff will clear drives and lots on campus in the same order repeatedly until the weather improves. We ask that anyone with a vehicle on campus during this time be watchful of the process and make sure they move their vehicle as needed. When clearing accumulating snow is necessary, we ask that all vehicle operators do the following:

  • Fire lanes and main arteries through campus (Lenfest Drive and South Loop, Gallway, Park Ave. drive all the way to the south entrance) will be cleared first. All vehicles in these areas should be moved to other lots anytime snow accumulation is forecasted or begins. Parking for essential personnel will be cleared next.
  • Any non-essential vehicles are expected to move to Hankey Center lot to allow as much unobstructed plowing as possible.
  • Main campus lots will be cleared in the following order: H, D, E, I, F, C, B, A, G, L, K, M, N, J. This rotation will continue for the duration of the snow accumulation as warranted.
    • Vehicle owners requiring relatively close access to their vehicles (i.e. not moving their vehicles to Hankey Center) should pay attention to the plowing progress and move their vehicles to already plowed areas as quickly as possible so as to not impede the snow clearing process.

Attempts to notify residential students (and all campus) will occur primarily by email. All vehicle operators are responsible for moving their vehicles as requested. Failure to do so may result in ticketing and fines as well as potentially being plowed in. Failure to move vehicles for plowing may be fined $50 per day and towed on the third day. The College assumes no liability for damage caused to vehicles that were not moved as requested for the plowing process. Maintaining access to one's vehicle is the sole responsibility of the owner/operator. Vehicle operators are responsible for having appropriate snow removal equipment; Physical Plant/Wilson College does not provide those services or materials for individual vehicles.

Temporary Mobility or Health Issues

Any Wilson College community member who has a temporary mobility or health issue and needs a different parking arrangement may request such in writing by emailing The request will be reviewed by the Parking Committee Chair and Director of Campus Safety. All requests are subject to denial, time limits, consultation with or referral to the Academic Support Center, or a request for medical documentation. If the individual needs a longer term solution than we can offer they may be referred to the state process.

Vehicle Charging

Beginning in May 2012, Wilson College will have two charging stations for electric vehicles, located in Lot I. Wilson community members are welcome to use these charging stations as we hope to encourage more sustainable transportation choices. Any electric vehicle is welcome to park in these spaces for the purpose of charging their vehicle, regardless of permit designation. However vehicles must be moved as soon as charge is complete. The College does not assume any responsibility for damage, expense or inconvenience caused by use of the charging stations.

Permit holders with diesel vehicles who require a plug-in outlet for an engine block warmer or car heater may use the outlet located at the back of Lot M near the footbridge and Conococheague. Vehicle owners must supply their own power/extension cord and must move their vehicles to other legal spaces when not actively charging. In the interest of personal safety, and to reduce the possibility of damage to your vehicle, it is recommended that a three-prong extension cord be used. The College does not assume any responsibility for damage, expense or inconvenience caused by use of the outlet.

Both of these charging options are on a first come basis and are not guaranteed. These policies may be modified or offerings discontinued at any time without notice.