Disability Services


  • Must be submitted for review before accommodations are granted
  • Must meet Wilson Disability Policy standards
  • Must be recent and accurately evaluate the student's current condition and/or learning abilities.

Documentation (copies not originals) should include one or more of the following:

  • Grade 12 IEP (incoming Freshmen) (Note: A high school IEP alone is usually not sufficient documentation for college disability services.)
  • Accommodation history / IEP from previous college (transfers)
  • Department of Vocational Rehabilitation documentation
  • Results of private testing and/or medical diagnosis specifically related to the disability or condition in question (Note: Wilson College does not provide testing services)
  • Evaluations by a certified special educator or educational psychologist indicating and supporting the presence of a learning disability or difference
  • Specific recommendations for accommodations required to accommodate the disability or condition
Please note: It is the student's responsibility to contact the Academic Support Center to submit copies of relevant documentation. Accommodations cannot be determined or arranged without this paperwork AND an initial conference with the Academic Support Center Director.

Contact Information

Vickie Locke
Academic Support Center Director
717-264-4141 ext. 3349