Disability Services

Procedures and Related Policies

This is an overview of the process used to obtain services/accommodations:

  1. Student submits a Declaration of Disability Form
  2. Student forwards documentation to the Academic Support Center (ASC) as soon as possible after admission to the college
  3. The Academic Support Center Director reviews the documentation
  4. The student and ASC Director meet (as early in the school year as possible)
  5. Appropriate accommodations, if any, are determined
  6. Student provides the Academic Support Center a copy of class schedules
  7. Instructors are notified of academic accommodations by the Academic Support Center

Students must submit new schedules at the beginning of each semester and are encouraged to meet with the Academic Support Center Director periodically throughout the year and whenever problems arise.  Two meetings per semester are required.

Contact Information

Vickie Locke
Academic Support Center Director
717-264-4141 ext. 3349