Contact Information

Lorie Helman, Office Manager
(717) 262-2006
Lenfest 102


  • Shopping shuttle pass must be purchased enabling you to insure full weekly and monthly shopping shuttle service.  Cost: $25.00/semester, $40/year and/or $2.00 "one time pass". This can be purchased in the Student Development Office through Lorie Helman, Lenfest 102 and must be shown to the driver before entering the van.
  • Shuttle request forms can be picked up in the Student Development Office on the main floor of Lenfest Commons.  No space is guaranteed until payment is received.
  • All shuttle request forms must be given to Student Development Office Manager Lorie Helman.
  • Requests for airport shuttle must be made at least one week in advance of departure or your seat will not be guaranteed.
  • Advance changes regarding travel need to be communicated directly to Student Development Office Manager Lorie Helman no later than two days prior to the travel. If travel plans change and no one is contacted, the student will be responsible for the shuttle fee.  
  • We can not guarantee regularly scheduled shuttle service pickup when there are complications with missed flights and flight delays and weather related issues etc. If students require Wilson shuttle pickup outside of the regularly scheduled shuttle pickup times, there is a one hundred fifty dollar individual student charge.

Shuttle Service

As a service to its students, the Office of Student Activities offers the following shuttle services:


Cost (one way)
Harrisburg (MDT)
Baltimore (BWI) $35
Washington D.C. (IAD)



  • BWI and IAD (Dulles): Outgoing flights should be scheduled to depart BWI and IAD no earlier than four (4) hours for domestic and five (5) for international from time of departure from Wilson.

  • Harrisburg: Outgoing flights should be scheduled to depart Harrisburg no earlier than two and a half (2.5) hours from time of departure from Wilson. Outgoing bus and train service should be scheduled no earlier than one and one half hours from time of departure from Wilson.

Pick Up:

  • BWI and IAD:  Students will be met at the 'Arrivals' pick up area outside of baggage claims. Please wait for the Wilson shuttle driver who will be carrying a 'Wilson' sign. Also, ask the driver to show you Wilson identification. All flights need to arrive/land by 6 p.m. for the 7 p.m. pickup.

  • HARRISBURG: Students arriving at the Train/Bus Station should wait in the front lobby of the station for the shuttle driver.

Changes regarding travel need to be communicated to Lorie Helman ASAP. If travel plans change and no one is contacted, the student will be responsible for paying the shuttle fee. However, if a shuttle is cancelled within two days of the departure, a refund will be given.

If a flight is missed, students are responsible for contacting either their shuttle driver, Wilson Switchboard 717-264-4141 during normal business hours, or Wilson Security at 717-372-2255 outside of normal business hours. Do not leave a message; speak with the shuttle driver, operator, or Security.

We cannot guarantee shuttle pickup when flights are cancelled, missed, or changed, due to weather or other circumstances. If shuttle pickup is required outside of the regularly scheduled shuttle pickup time, students may incur a one hundred fifty dollar shuttle charge.



Train Station
Cost (one way)


Chambersburg:  The weekly shopping shuttle runs on Friday nights from 5:00 – 9 p.m. (last pickup at Wilson) and makes a continuous loop between Wilson, the Target Shopping Center (which includes Giant, Kohls, Pet Smart, Pizza, Michaels, Five Below, Rue 21, Staples), the Chambersburg Mall and Walmart.  “First come, first served” basis. Cost: $25/semester or $40/year; you may also purchase a "one time pass" for $2.00.

Hagerstown, MD:  Once a month, the shuttle runs to the Prime Outlets on a Saturday between noon and 5 p.m.  Must sign up outside Lenfest 102; Lorie Helman’s Office. Must have shuttle pass to go.

Sign up for both of these shopping trips must be done outside Lorie Helman's office in Lenfest 102.



Other Areas

Shady Grove Metro (Washington, D.C.)

This service is available throughout the semester for a cost of $25.00 one way; you must fill out a reservation form with payment a week before date through Lorie Helman, Lenfest Commons 102. Web site address is

Harrisburg Mega Bus  Another inexpensive way to travel. Cost to student is $25.00 one way. Web site address is







Chambersburg: Wal-Mart, Target @ Norland Avenue,
Chambersburg Mall

January 30     March 6     April 17
February 6     March 13   April 24
February 13   March 27   May 1
February 20   April 3
February 27   April 10

Hagerstown Prime Outlets

February 21, March 28, April 18


Spring Break

March 14 Take to Airports, Bus Station, Train Station. 8:00 a.m.
March 22 Pickup at these locations, 5:00 p.m.

End of Semester

May 15 8:00 a.m.
May 16 8:00 a.m.